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The Balance and Reason of it All - Nuffnang

The Balance and Reason of it all

The whole idea of my existence is about a certain balance. What kind of balance has the media achieved? What kind of balance am I looking for? What kind of balance is a reasonable man looking for?

The incumbent in his pretentious community dot comer demands that we patiently wait for advertisements, theoretically, we know that they do not have sufficient advertisers. Indeed if we do not have enough visitors to our blog, then why do they allow us to sign up for their service knowing we do not have enough? Is hanging a blue logo for them a reasonable trade off?

The incumbent t in his pretentious community dot comer demands understanding for their current predicament which is high cost of operational materials such as 20cent envelopes and ink and hence the increase of $1 when we cash out. Is that reasonable? If we do not reach $50 or $100 and qualify for cash out, do they not have a homogeneous operation cost? A moral yardstick of decision destroyed the confidence of the blogging public. Nuffnang charges you $1 because of bank charging them $0.50 per cheque and tell you the other $0.50 is for operation cost. How far can Nuffnang go in destroying the trust of the already skeptical consumer?

If indeed some (eg. Mister Larry Lim) said it is not fair for Nuffnang to absorb any charges, are not 50cent of the operational cost also not call absorbing but part of a term call overhead which is part of an equation of a business? Are they so fearful that if they do not take this opportunity to pass on $0.50 of their operational cost to every cheque issued they might not have a chance to do so? If indeed a cost is requiring processing the delivery of a cheque to a customer, is the figure $0.50 a double-dealing? Have they wanted $0.50 from each customer so much that they fail to understand the consequence of waking up a sleeping tiger? Something is very wrong with the kind of treacherous and perfidious values Nuffnang is operating.

I cannot explain it all other than call it pretentious dot commer! How far can we not believe what they did was not right if they cannot justify what they decided to charge you? We want an honest community dot commer yet they lock us up with a blue logo when we sign up and now even we made enough to cash out, our earnings are exploited. How are we to trust them if they do not have trustworthiness to start with? How fair is it to charge $0.50 without justifying so and organize events such as show screening for few hundred bloggers? Ladies and gentleman, you are paying for these show screenings. It is not balanced, it is not reasonable.

Now the community who are still hanging on to the blue logo is throttling breathlessly. The bloggers are not only not getting advertisements; they are to make believe a deception of paying for an operational cost. Who cares for the tail end bloggers if the tail end bloggers do not care for themselves? They are the cause of their own action. Nobody told them to sign up with Nuffnang? Let us not care for them. Indeed, let it not be remembered the tail end blog will never make money. Let’s concentrate on the celebrity blogs which can make us the money. Ladies and gentleman, I am the voice of the tail end bloggers. Nuffnang has become too hard not to be brittle.

With their refusal to counter public’s concern to allegations, now a statistical game has began, a game of who will leave Nuffnang, the cost of implementing $0.50 against the number of bloggers left, how it affect their earnings from celebrity bloggers, Is this not a fair assumption? In a true bona fide company, the owners will obligate and deliver. However in Nuffnang they promise and neglect like serving you a ten-course dinner with hawker food! That is the essence of a pretentious dot commer.

The unbridled greed of the owners had become the obsession of a company augmenting its wealth like an addict! No considerations, no regards and no hoopla for tail end bloggers. The populace that has served Nuffnang well in spreading the name from nothing had given Nuffnang the benefit of all doubts from beginning. One life cycle of that benefit is almost over. The first group of wounded are now slowly is coming to their sense. Will they affect the operation of Nuffnang? My answer is no, because operation of Nuffnang was never dependent on the lower tail end of the community once their name is spread and has covered the internet. They are now amassing fortunes from celebrity blogs and blogs which yield high traffic. The intent of amassing tail end blog is to beguile the trust of advertisers that they have a huge following and that purpose has long been served. They are expired in the eyes of Nuffnang. Read that again - You Are Expired In The Eyes of Nuffnang! If anybody thinks Nuffnang's self impose mute on the allegations are doing them harm, think again. Those who are not earning will leave; yes indeed they do not need you to hang their blue logo anymore. Those that are earning well (celebrity bloggers and high traffic blogs) will not leave because Nuffnang has allow them to make money. Those who leave will leave, those who won’t leave, would not leave. A public statement would not change an iota of that reality. They are clever in avoiding because it is going to do them no benefit by issuing any statement and keeping tongue-tied are not going to do them any further harm. They had made their calculations, now you know where the 2 owners of Nuffnang are considering being intelligent. They have made their calculations and decided not to take part in countering any allegations because they understood the new compact of their next move! Ladies and gentleman, their silence is loud and clear.

The Fifteenth quintessential assertion for your representative: Given the current circumstances of Nuffnang’s relentless, do you seriously believe that hanging on to that blue logo will make you money one day? Do you believe they have not betray your trust for coming up with a reason to make you sign up in the first place but refuse to even justify that reason now?

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xizor2000 said...

Actually in discussions I had previously with some friends, the true purpose of tail end blogs was speculated upon and this is the conclusion:

1) to advertise NN for free;

2) to use their hits (minimum 20) as a statistic to present to a would-be-advertiser the illusion that NN has a larger reach than its competitors.

BTW, it is my person opinion that while NN has not addressing all these concerns on their corporate site, but would choose to directly and selectively address certain bloggers by phone, emails or blog comments maybe puzzling to some, I have draw only a few conclusions one can draw from it:

1) Plausible deniability;
for e.g.
- xxx mistook what I said on the phone
- I didn't actually say that."
- This is my personal comments as an individual, not as founder or as an official NN spokesman

2) to prevent anyone from having a complete picture to discuss the matter at anytime. After all, who is going to track down every single blog to see all of Ming's comments to piece together the jigsaw puzzle? But a statement on the corp site would have served as the one single, easy reference for all commentators to use as ammunition. A lousy, badly worded corp statement may cause an even greater uproar which might result in an organised, united and concerted effort by bloggers to spread the negativity.

This method of 'damage control' is certainly unorthodox... lol

Harry Lee said...

A very direct and simple analysis: towards an explanation to their behaviour.

fahmi087 said...

There are truth with all of your talk...I have never got anything from NN. With Advertlets I got a little from my traffic. I just del all NN banner in my blog n replace it with advertlets.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...I never knew nuffnang has it's detractors as well. Good thing I haven't started any advertising yet, I will have to follow this trail of debate first.

Rizuan Ismail said...

wow..perhaps i should considered google adsense

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