Monday, November 12, 2007

Cash Out Fees Is No Go

The position is very clear, if Nuffnang is a device created to make use of tail end blogs to advertise for advertisement in celebrity blogs, it is not acceptable. That is the foreground. What is the background?

One, no advertisements.

Two, the promises of including tail end bloggers in their business model are yet to satisfy the fiduciary duty of bloggers

Three, blogs with good traffic still earn pittance.

Four, if money from advertisers in extremity which hasn’t been paid commensurately to bloggers, then charges is unnecessary.

Five, Nuffnang had proven it cannot manage expectation of community and cannot now be trusted with such extreme measures.

Six, any amendment of their TOS must be seen to be genuinely benefaction to community at the very least;

Seven, Nuffnang does not have the moral high ground to ask for more loyalty

Eight, Nuffnang have not been living up to the true community dot comer, and cannot now be trusted with another shot of loyalty.

Nine, Failure to analyze of deep consequences on their business pattern has not stopped the community of deep analyzing and it’s refusal to be responsible is not acceptable to the community.

Ten, Fundamental problem of their business model has not been resolved, implementation of cheque charges is only adding to the problem.

Eleven, Community impact of the charges and advertisements for tail end bloggers (this is very serious because it is the reason why they joined in the first place) have not been examined carefully as any promises not delivered would be deem as a scam.

Ladies and gentlemen, they are expired. Argumentum ad ignorantiam. From whence they come from, that will be where they go.

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