Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mister Larry Lim : Letter of Demand for Moral Rights Infringement - Nuffnang

17 Nov 2007

Dear Larry,

I am a reader of your blog(

As a reader, I have the equal rights of all commenter in your blog:

  1. The right to post a comment on your blog;
  2. The right against false accusation; and
  3. The right of integrity, to object to defamatory treatment of me on your blog.

I have noticed that you have said on your blog that I had deleted the comments I had posted on your blog. As there is no delete button on your blog for commenter, therefore what you have said is the equivalent of me hacking into your site to perform the delete function. As you know hacking into a site is constitute as a serious crime under the Misuse of Computer Act in Singapore and Malaysia.

However the conduct described above is not true and constitutes an infringement of my moral right and integrity.

To rectify this infringement of my rights, I require that you undertake to:

Retract that statement you have made and issue a public apology to me on your blog or otherwise proceedings for defamation will be commenced against you.

You can confirm your acceptance of these undertakings by posting a comment "I am sorry" in this thread within 21 days.

You are now on notice as to my moral rights in respect of what you have said of me.

If I do not receive an adequate response within 21 days of this posting, the step I will take is proceed with legal action in order to protect my rights including, without limitation, for injunction relief or to recover damages without further notice to you.

I otherwise reserve all my rights.




Larry Lim said...

Harry: you may have missed this on my blog...

Update: that’s fast! Poor Harry retaliated so quickly, although he’s also revealed that he himself could not stand his own bitter medicine of censorship and distorting the truth. Now you know what it feels like. ;)

If you can't take that like a gentleman and have to resort to threats, then I guess I have nothing to say but it looks like your campaign has shifted from Nuffnang to me.

You don't have to live your life hating people you know. ;)

Harry Lee said...

So be it Sir.

Have a nice day.


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