Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fourth Quintessential Question

Fourth Quintessential Question

Today’s question is a “did you or did you not” question.

Requiring a simple answer, either Nuffnang knows or does not, did or did not.

This is a question of Nuffnang taking its defence as to why a certain blogger(http://skorcareer.com.my/blog) commenting on (http://paypal2u.com/blog/?p=242) in his own words, “interchanging their banner positions for experiment. 1 month later, while advertlets was earning RM100 (i did not do review for them), Nuffnang gave me only 20 cents! What a mystery” was making a paltry 20cent in the exact same location on his blog that earned him $100 later on?

Question 4 to your representative: How does Nuffnang’s justify it’s method of calculating earnings for bloggers, especially those that had a fairly high traffic but earning a paltry sum?

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1 comment:

Jun Xian said...

Oh I see... and why is the guy still using Nuffnang... ?


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