Monday, November 12, 2007

Letter to Nuffnang Advertisers

Letter to Nuffnang Advertisers

Dear Sir,

I am a blogger in the local blogging community. I am not able to reveal my identity for the simplest reason that I am afraid of revealing it. I hope you do understand my predicament. In case you do not know, something is happening in the local advertising scene which I hope you can pay some attention to. Just a little attention will do, so that my gravest concern takes only a little of your time.

I am a concerned blogger for the simple fact that a startup by the name of Nuffnang has appears to be made available as a middle man to local advertiser by advertising in 10,000 blogs who is their publisher. My concern is that recently there was a scandal involving the company’s honesty and integrity in dealing with the blogging public and the company has done nothing officially to counter the community’s concern. Owners of the company are often replying to postings in comment spaces of blogs sporadically. That is reasonable but not acceptable.

So far, there exists not any official press release to the scandals which is difficult to comprehend by the passionate blogging community. Bloggers who had signed up with the company were promised advertisements as long their unique visitors count reach 20. This promise was not only undelivered but the company went on to amend the TOS of cashing out earnings without giving any form of notification. Further to public outcry, they did not justify the amendment of the TOS which is to charge a $1 for every cheque issued. As such it was cleverly deduce by the community that the implementation of the charge was to arbitrage on the process of cheque issuing from the reduction of withdrawals limit. The company did not issue an official statement to refute any of the above said allegations.

We the bloggers of local community are disturbed by the lack of corrective measure by the company to such ignominy claim.

We do feel the need to raise awareness in the local advertising scene and indeed if they were guilty, our community does not have a place for a company of such composition, not a single one.

I will leave it to your conscience to see the need to refuse business dealings with the company deemed as not scrupulous in the blogging community.

Thank you.

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