Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eleventh Quintessential Question

Nuffnang is facing an inevitable cross road. The erosion of confidence is getting quite apparent and clear, when bloggers no longer believe the promises they made at the beginning would be delivered. The continual delay of their public statement via the proper medium, confidence will decline. The rise of public challenge is now inevitable. The subsequent negative implication on their business will also be inevitable.

Every single step towards the process of sequestration or trading time with their consumers, the advertisers will cease to have faith on the promise given; this is the law of confidence and commercial certainty. The printed words during campaigning are no longer credible; as a result, blogger’s trust of them will be written off like a bad debt and will be minimized in due course. The rise of the fall of Nuffnang will be inevitable.

The trust has always been there. There is a trade off between been trustworthy and been bogus in the world of business dealing. If trust is written off like that! The consequence will be severe! Has Nuffnang thought about this? This is a threshold which they cannot trespass. Once Nuffnang cross the line, that’s the end of them. Do not pretend otherwise. Once Nuffnang is concluded a spammer, the impact will be immediately rised in the blogging community. The confidence will immediately shrink and the corporate will shrink with time due to withdrawal of its consumers and publishers.

The threshold is clear; promises must be maintained at all cost! Once this confidence is breached, the cost will be tremendous.

The eleventh quintessential question for your representative: Does Nuffnang knows that once that community’s confidence is eroded via the delay in fulfilling its promises, it will have a direct impact on its business dealings and subsequent commercial partnership?

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