Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Twelfth Quintessential Question

Why does Nuffnang insist on 20 unique visits?

Why did Nuffnang’s registration be based on a minimum 20 unique visits knowing that in due course 20 unique visits will not be selected by advertisers due to inferior exposure? I have always doubted the intention of that prerequisite. Are those blogs going to get advertisements?

They released information about the business model and proclaim to have innovated a system that could give advertisements to blogs as long they achieved 20 unique counters. Proof

Did their business model have a solid system in providing? How did they? Given the fact that their business model evolve around advertisers predominantly selecting where they want their advertisement to go, from a business perspective, it should not come as intellectual surprise that the system they proclaim to have will fail as a means to allow advertiser to exercise that right.

I do not believe Nuffnang does not know the idea they are selling will create dissatisfaction in the community which could lead to a dilemma. What happened? What is so reckless is not what it was not noted, but rather after almost 10 months, no one in Nuffnang called their business model spade!

A whole community of bloggers deceived!

Why? There is something really wrong here.

Even google lets you register if you have lesser than 20 counters! Why then imposing a 20 counters on a registration? If they had known in the beginning blogs with 20 counters would not get the advertisements, why are they operating their subscription service at a limit of 20 counters? Is there something peculiar about their actual business model that is not distinctly similar to the hundreds we have on the market already? Why not remove the 20 counters limit and let any blog to register for the service too if 20 are not going to serve advertisements?

I do not believe it is due to ignorance, it is something I do not understand?

There are already widespread allegation of the company being a scammer, why has the allegation being ignored even till today? A few weeks could have made the essential difference between the doable and the impossible! I do not believe that the disatisfaction was not predicted even earlier! Nuffnang operated a system with that business model, as early as February, when they were launched!

"Blogs with small-medium sized traffic were neglected and for good economic reasons as well (they were just too small on their own to command any advertiser dollar). That however, was something both Ming and I were not willing to accept. We envisioned a website that could offer a piece of the action to as many bloggers as we can, even those that have as low as 20 unique visits a day. Attempting to cover these smaller blogs proved risky but we innovated and built a system that would solve the problems surrounding such an action. " Direct from the mouth of the founder!

The owners are not only astute, they are savvy! So ignorance is out!

The owners have been an astute businessman since when? Celebrity blogs were getting good advertisements, partly at least, why then are blogs with 20 counters not having? They could not have been ignorant! Were they?

Or was the reason simply because they cannot serve advertisements on all blogs doesn’t matter they have 20 or 200 counters? One side had to give, which side do you think they chose? However the owners played it, it is only so much advertiser. It is the advertisers that help the company to make money. The only difference is you have celebrity bloggers and non-celebrity bloggers. One end is high traffic and the other end is low traffic. How does having 20 counters in your blog means you can make money from Nuffnang for sure? Isn’t that what they sold you in the first place?

The twelfth quintessential question for your representative: Did Nuffnang know that the business model they sold to the public would never be sufficient in providing for all blogs with 20 counters? Why was it still been sold to the community and to release statements that their operation is made to provide for blogs with 20 counters?

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