Tuesday, November 6, 2007

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November 6th, 2007 at 8:15 am

Nuffnang’s shareholders are all the high traffic aka celebrity blogger from Malaysia and Singapore.

The idea of consolidating higher traffic blogs and sell to advertisers as a package was conceived by Ming as you can see here on Xiaxue’s blog >

Theoritically, Nuffnang is the manager of those celebrities and together, they sell advertising space to local advertisers.

The part where they promise to include bloggers at the tail end of the blogging scene is all but scam. You can register if you have 20 unique click per day but no, they i havent heard of anyone with 20 click per day having allocated an advertisement. I think many bloggers with 100-200 visits per day are even complaining about earning far too little. As little as just $3. So something is not right, alas nuffnang had clarify that your earnings to the advertised week has nothing to do with your traffic on that advertised week. Duh! What does that mean? Nuffnang pays you according to the traffic you attracted the week BEFORE that advertised week. Duh! How can?

You mean when i advertise for you, it is already decided how much i am going to earn? Isnt that a fraud? If so, then then based on what criteria do they decide which part of traffic do they want to include for their payment calculations? If all unique clicks are counter than why so are some bloggers with as much as 500 clicks per day getting a mere few dollars a week? If you kindly just search nuffnang on googles, you could easily find entries which read “nuffnang-earnings-too-low”.

Obviously nuffnang had their concept about the business and it is centered around the high traffic blogs, and when i mean high, i mean 10k-20k traffics a day. Blogs like kennysia.com or shaolintiger and a few others.

Meanwhile they continue to hold events and invite celebrities to be part of crew staging the events as you can easily find video clips in youtube if you refuse to believe this part.

And they would post on their personal blogs about the “successful” event and they are doing this for nothing more than their passion for community. Duh?! Are they putting up a show only?

So far, they have not delivered what they promised in the beginning. I understand courses would change and your business focus might change along the way but no, being manipulative along the way trying to lead bloggers on especially those innocent bloggers who were serious about this Asia’s Advertising Community(or so they call themself) coming onto local scene and giving them a chance of monetizing their blog.

Nuffnang are nothing more than the common “Get Rich” scam you can find anywhere online trying to “teach” you how to make money. Peace out.

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