Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Third Quintessential Question

(Please note questions are at the end, front part would always build context, establish facts, this question here and those before triggers off the whole saga but the critical thing is still to clear your doubt as to the crux of matter though reason and logic.)

We have heard from the owners of Nuffnang that they need the long tail of bloggers to bring blog advertising to a whole new level. And they even mentioned that their effort had been paid off which was mentioned Here.

It has paid off for them but has it paid off for their publisher at the tail end? Let me assure you Nuffnang that it hasn’t. Because bloggers with 20 unique visits to their blog daily are yet to see advertisements from Nuffnang. Unless you consider it a paid off for publishers as those like Kennysia.com or Xiaxue.com? But then that is call front head(or tail) right?

How you decide to handle bloggers will determine how popular you are and how impressions are made with new bloggers because if you were to let tail end bloggers perceived to the point of having a share of the pie just to attract their signing up, they would find out in the end your intent, they are not foolish. No intent can be achieved without continuum actions against the promises which made bloggers signing up in the first place.

All your promises will come a time where it has to be delivered. Bloggers spend their valuable time and allow valuable space from their blogs for Nuffnang and surely you are going to deliver your promises? What reason is there to put a Nuffnang Logo on my blog if only the high traffic blog gets the advertisements? Has your buiness algorithm being done correctly?

What is the earning of displaying an advert from you? Is there any slippery slope on the earnings calculation? If a blog is expose to 2000 unique visitors in the concurrent week the advertisement was ran, why am I not being paid at a price commensurate to 2000 visits? There were reports that the earnings depended large on the traffic of the blog received on the previous week before the advert appear. Isn’t that then you could decide unilaterally to run advertisements on lower traffic blogs(just for that week), then exposed to high traffics(actual week) and then tell bloggers you earned just a few bucks even though the adverts were exposed to high traffic?

Question 3 to your representative: Why did Nuffnang not giving advertisements to blogs at the end of the long tail when they had promised in the beginning? Are tail end bloggers under the ditch of slippery slope of no advertisement ever suitable for their blog because advertisements would always go to higher traffic blogs?

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