Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fourteenth Quintessential Question

Of Nuffnang, community, bloggers and promises.

The question today arose out of a quote I read yesterday.

The incumbent believes linking community comes with it a new channel of online advertising not tapped before. So let us assume that the incumbent notion of Nuffnang comes with it that notion. Does it also include a notion for Nuffnangers to hang a blue logo but not advertisements and make money from it? Of course it must! Therefore lets hang the blue logo and expect an advertisement soon.

In the same manner your reply must be: Your desire for our loyalty is respected on delivery of promises – a necessary condition. If you want to create a community, any community, to do a job for Nuffnang, then Nuffnang must be prepared to walk its talk, fulfill promises made to bloggers which attracted us here in the first place.

Any promises made must come with it a corresponding deliverance of the same to the community. The failure to abide by the above law of equity is the main reason why Nuffnang’s reputation is depleting like an air burst balloon.

I will never setup a company and promise a blog money if they acquire 20 visitor and not deliver. And if I see a company doing that and not delivering, I will use all my power to put her and her position into a light of reason and public wrath. When Nuffnang imposes a condition on its subscribers, it must be prepared for the condition, for something as fundamental as deliverance, to avoid the same community to haunt it in time of great annoyance. This is the law which all lovers understand! I have no doubt that we have conditionally alienated thousands of bloggers, which Nuffnang has not even gone into assessing the impact.

I cannot imagine how this will play out as more and more are leaving Nuffnang due to a condition which encourages the abandonment rather than embracing it.

Business growth is not something that does not require deliverance of promises. You can scam and run of course, but make sure you better run. When you deny the community that pot of gold they helped you to get, they will have no choice but to discontinue any association with you! Do you really think bloggers want to leave Nuffnang? Between celebrity bloggers and 20 visits bloggers, there is a difference and if they are not treated right, then they will leave, hating the very entity that entices it to join!

Nuffnang is festering hatred in all imaginable ways in the most myopic application of sterile law without an iota of consideration of tail end of bloggers who had join the company and promised earnings on their condition!

The Fourteenth quintessential question for your representative: We want Nuffnang to succeed yet we were force to discontinue our loyalty when they the direst of public handling in lieu of their maladminister, is Nuffang festering hatred amongst departed supporters by keeping muted their standing instead of assurances?

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