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Epitaph Of The Old Nuffnang

Epitaph of the old Nuffnang

I believe I have recently touched some raw nerves and must in the law of moderation cease for a short time those painful experiences on the incumbent, only for a short time, and speak on other topics. It is wise to be balanced in all approaches to life, not for the sake of balance but for the duration in this long flight which we call a better exposure.

I have sought to understand Nuffnang’s imperatives from all different lengths of view: from the shortest to the longest.

However, I am more often left more unconvinced than when I start the thinking process. How can the many things in Nuffnang not be questioned and accept the reasons of them? I will leave it to the community to decide what is acceptable and what is not. The payout in allowing this process is the maturity of the community, which is a desirable goal.

Mister Timothy Tiah once said “we need the long tail of bloggers to bring blog advertising to a whole new level” and the incumbent now must learn to walk his talk too! The incumbent must learn to walk and walk it well reasonably!

Many months has passed since the launch of Nuffnang. Let us not be afraid to question the foundation of Nuffnang. Is Nuffang built on a mountain of scam? Is the Nuffnang we supported built on crashing demands of bloggers? Where do they go from here? I was pro-Nuffnang. I was pro-nuffnang. I believe bloggers will fuse new tenacity into our spirit of community. However is not the current group of bloggers very loyal? IS not the community trying to support Nuffnang? Are they not trying to tell bloggers they can give advertisements for 20 visits? Are they compensating bloggers for any words promised excessively without regard to community consequences? Are they now not amending their TOS without due consideration to the opinions of bloggers and the community? The plethora of excuses for their failure to deliver promises comes with it myriad reasons against it, and the whole community to moderate it. Let us carefully consider the many problems found within the company. There will be trade offs. This is a gigantic balance at play here; missing the important component on the right side of the scale will mean miseries for thousands of people. I do not advocate discussion ad infinitum; I advocate discussion in reasonableness and allowing periodic assessments of its effects.

No one makes mistakes like the way a decision maker must. However to presume mistakes in business as dirty linens that need the hiding is unnecessary and ill-conceived.

A clever seller will understand buyers need to know and feel that they are getting bargain once in a while, at least. A happy buyer will be frequent patron that is good business practice. Gifts that are perceived to have it doubled back are not clever. It is in fact foolish! A clever seller must possess the ability to sell something not only satisfies the customers but also the friends of customers! How they yoke their bloggers will be consistent to how the bloggers speak of them. The manner with which they treat us will be the manner with which we will respond to them when they need us.

In many ways, the expectation is higher; Nuffnang must endear while selling their product. The only way to endear and sell is not to be seen betraying the whole community! This, Nuffnang has not met the standard. They have not been honest in their shortcomings. They have not abided by the critical promises made. They did not provide advertisements to blogs with 20 visits while telling the entire community they had innovated a system for it. They have not given the common a satisfactory explanation of non delivery of the fruits to their method of attracting bloggers to sign up with them. Everyone knows of what they did. They just want thm to come out and say sorry, we cannot deliver. It is not fair to practice non-delivery of promise while at the same time accumulating wealth with celebrity bloggers while the rest of the community are still holding on to the blue logo, providing free advertisement for the company.

Do you, Nuffnang, now promise the same faith?

I will leave it to the incumbent to respond in their time. These are not question from me merely because I asked it! I merely crystallized the vague and existing distrust to the promises of Nuffnang. It I had crystallized it and become criminal, then they Nuffnang had become the criminal of the community!

In the perpetual transactions between Nuffnang and the community, some have considered it exclusively one sided, many will see it as mutually dependent. The time where Nuffnang held the torch of truth is no longer. The time has come for Nuffnang to treat the hwole body populace as unsatisfied customers.

In the age of internet one true unsatisfied customer is no longer weak; can you imagine a whole host of them? Conversely, if you have done it right, the internet will lap your good name like no others! This is the fact. This is the reality. Any good seller that understands the dynamics of selling something will adjust to it and prosper.

Have a nice day.

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Are you Mr Leong ?

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I am Mr Lee. Harry Lee.


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