Sunday, November 18, 2007

Message for bloggers with 20 unique visitors - Nuffnang

Nuffnang has allowed blogs with 20 unique visitors to register with them. Why do they not allow zero unique visitors to register?

Because if you do not have visitors to your blog, you are not able to guarantee advertising for the Nuffnang’s logo which was their intention for this group of blogs.

Let me put it even simpler: Nuffnang’s registration for you is not to ensure you will be allocated an advertisement, even though they promised you. You are to provide free advertisement for Nuffnang’s brand name.

Let me put it even simpler still: Nuffnang were going to attract you using their 20 unique visitor’s requirements to register and then hang a one of their blue logo. Their point of attracting you was not going to serve you advertisement.

Let me put another notch lower in simplicity: With or without Nuffnang’s logo, you are not going to get an advertisement on your site because their business model is the same as any advertising model and they will only put advertisements on blogs that can give them more value meaning higher exposure and not yours.

For the lack of better words: If Nuffnang insists on 20 unique visitors for signing up, and not giving any advertisements after even if you have 20 unique visitors, they are crooks! You do not hang a blue logo for them for just to help them to spread their brand name without getting paid?

To sum it all: When you are hanging that logo on your blog, you are providing Nuffnang FREE space, time and exposure to advertise for their BRAND!

To sum it twice: The business model of Nuffnang was to use celebrity blogs which can command extremely high traffics to serve adverts. They have a group of bloggers who have been getting all the advertisements, you and them are registrants, no different, the only difference is you hang a blue logo for FREE while they hang an advertisement for good money monthly!

To sum it thrice: You were loyal to Nuffnang, you loved Nuffnang, but they do not love you. Nuffnang made a fool of themselves after 10 months now to trick many blogs into signing up for them. Nuffnang made a fool of them self to attract advertisers, the story is slowly unfolding.

Nuffnang refused to give fairness to its consumer unless they are forced to deal with it. What does it mean? It means fairness is either in existence or it is not. They have not allowed its existence because they can be the ride of it. In the end, a slave ship will still be a slave ship, nothing will change that. Whether there will be the moral courage to be awakens, I am simply saying now is the time.

Ladies and gentleman let me ask you a very simple question:

What is your opinion on a company who came into existence to trick you into signing up for them to hang their brand name so they can take the astronomical number of blogs that are registered with them to their advertisers and ask for business dealings while a pre-selected few celebrity bloggers would be getting the big chunk of advertisements instead of you?

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Jun Xian said...

1. Do you mind stopping revolving around the blue logo thing. Seriously.

2. I have less than 20 unique visitors every day but I actually do get advertisements. Of course the amount of advertisements and money paid are lesser than that of popular bloggers, but the truth is that I get the sum.

Rizuan Ismail said...

hmm..that make sense..u got a point there


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