Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Summary of Questions - For Nuffnang Owners (Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah - Please answer )

The first quintessential question:
Why did they implement a $1 fee for cash out of a cheque? How did they arrive at the figure $1?

The second quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang really arbitrage on the situation by implementing fees to its publishers (not consumer in this case) unfairly?

The third quintessential question:
Why did Nuffnang not giving advertisements to blogs at the end of the long tail when they had promised in the beginning? Are tail end bloggers under the ditch of slippery slope of no advertisement ever suitable for their blog because advertisements would always go to higher traffic blogs?

The fourth quintessential question:
How does Nuffnang’s justify it’s method of calculating earnings for bloggers, especially those that had a fairly high traffic but earning a paltry sum?

The fifth quintessential question:
Should Nuffnang be trusted further and be endowed with confidence to manage advertisement on your blogs, if they had in the beginning shown a peculiar tendency of mismanaging your expectation and are now concern about wanting $1 for each cheque from publisher(bloggers) , without justifying the cause for it?

This sixth quintessential question:
Were Nuffnang on the path of a scammer from the beginning?

This seven quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang have a moral high ground, given its business with extremely big corporations, to change its TOS to benefit itself rather than bloggers, many who had not even made money with Nuffnang?

The eight quintessential question:
Does Nuffnang really think that the community will take the amendment of their TOS quietly, knowing what they know and feeling what they feel?

The ninth quintessential question:
Have Nuffnang understood the possible community abnormalities and costs due to the implementation of $1 fees to it’s loyal bloggers?

The tenth quintessential question:
The blogger’s voices in the community and reality are diametrically opposite to those celebrity bloggers that are with them, which one is Nuffnang listening?

The eleventh quintessential question:
Does Nuffnang knows that once that community’s confidence is eroded via the delay in fulfilling its promises, it will have a direct impact on its business dealings and subsequent commercial partnership?

The twelfth quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang know that the business model they sold to the public would never be sufficient in providing for all blogs with 20 counters? Why was it still been sold to the community and to release statements that their operation is made to provide for blogs with 20 counters?

The thirteenth quintessential assertion:
From the invention that they created, they are benefiting from it unfairly. We do not want them able to write rules to favor themselves! We want the rules to be written for community and not applicable to themselves!

The fourteenth quintessential question:
We want Nuffnang to succeed yet we were force to discontinue our loyalty when they the direst of public handling in lieu of their maladminister, is Nuffang festering hatred amongst departed supporters by keeping muted their standing instead of assurances?

The fifteenth quintessential assertion:
Given the current circumstances of Nuffnang’s relentless, do you seriously believe that hanging on to that blue logo will make you money one day? Do you believe they have not betray your trust for coming up with a reason to make you sign up in the first place but refuse to even justify that reason now?

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Jun Xian said...

Q15: Yes.

While slow, I am making money from my blogs that have less than 20 unique visitors per day.

And they didn't force blogs with less than 20 unique visitors not to register. You can just turn on the cost-per-click option.


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