Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sixth Quintessential Question

The Path of a Scammer

Is Nuffnang moving on the path of a scammer? Are bloggers not coming to the point of their pragmatism that being seduced by Nuffnang into signing up (even one has only 21 unique visitors a day) but was not allow to serve advertisements on the blog because the high traffic bloggers would always be the first to those advertisements? Hasn’t allow you to register with them if you have 21 unique visitors too? even allows you to register if your unique visitor’s number is zilch! Nuffnang had market itself in such a way that their use of words so manipulative to the point of creating a advertising model only sustainable by using high traffic blogs to run the advertisements. Are these people who created Nuffnang had any ethics to start with by using this method of promotion?

Have bloggers been putting up Nuffnang’s logo for nothing?

Are bloggers so immersed in the drugs of their marketing words that they unconsciously had embrace into the same Get Rich Schemes that appear on internet everyday?

Are bloggers still to believe that they would make a lot more money than any other advertising company such as by reading about Nuffnang showcasing celebrity events (selected celebrity friends) on their website?

Are bloggers still going to believe Nuffnang, and see whether they can deliver their promises in the future?

Conversely, the true slippery slope, as alluded in many blogs entry is honesty!

That is the slope that is so important in this era of internet business where all we see in front of us is a screen!

No company that has betrayed its consumer outlived its intended life span!

This Sixth quintessential question for your representative: Were Nuffnang on the path of a scammer from the beginning?

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