Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Little Kid Larry Lim - Nuffnang

Sir if you can show me how I can delete postings from your personal blog, then it would show you are the truly intelligent one.

For ecstatic and pleasure, you deleted all my comments (about 7) on your blog and went on to moderate the other 2 comments and classified them as spam just because you could not engage my arguments.

And you went on to create this speaks much of your character.

I sincerely felt your frustrations.

Have a nice day.


Putera Emas said...

It simply intelligent! How Harry delete his comments on Larry blog?

Harry Lee said...

I wonder? Am i so intelligent that i have no knowledge of me doing something? I mean no knowledge, not that no ability.

In actual fact there is no function for readers to delete postings on blogs. Never seen before. Is Larry seeing things?

Boss Stewie said...

Hahah don't panic Samuel... we've already known who you are for a long time.. keep this up.. you're in for a ride

DK said...

Wow... that is hitting below the belt.

Yellow card to Larry. Haha.

Harry Lee said...

Boss Stewie,

Sir, its great honour to have you here with us today, has your Nuffnang Online Road Show finally reached here?

Harry Lee said...


He has misused the word FINAL in his latest essay but i have told him i will change my stance if he has sound reasoning for it. I believe the community will listen.

The community will endure him. The community will forgive him.

His post is littered with bias, speculations, wrong assumptions with ignorance which does not exist and his thorough lack of ability to understand the commnuity and the concerns of them.

He is twice forgiven.

His response is lacking in understanding and threaten to delete comments from his blog for sake of fear and genuine lack of sincere comprehension in discussing and wanting of good old supporters and then went on to accuse me of something he did on my behalf.

He is thrice forgiven.

If one day, he is to look back and regret that he did not assume the situation correctly and not regard the voice of community that he should, it will be this day.

For this, he will not forgive himself.

Larry Lim said...

With all your flowery language, it beats me how you can write but cannot read...

"...I shall never write about them again unless really necessary."

Clearly, I thought it was necessary to revisit the issue after talking to Ming.

Harry Lee said...


I am sorry if I impinged on your good creativity. I hope you do understand we were discussing the word FINAL? I am definitely ok with the word NECESSARY Sir, do not read too much into it.

I am totally open to you. Any question?

Larry Lim said...

On hindsight, looks like I was right and you were wrong. While Advertlets almost folded, Nuffnang has grown by leaps and bounds - they now even have Churp Churp, Jipaban, etc.


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