Thursday, November 15, 2007

Reply To Larry Lim - Nuffnang

1) Harry suggested that the $1 admin fee be absorbed by NN since it grows linearly with their revenues. But when asked why he did not mention the lowering of the minimum withdrawal limit and whether that would cause a “non-linear” bump, he avoided the argument.

Sir, when in the morning did I suggest the $1 is admin fee and should be absorb by Nuffnang? Those who read the morning’s exchange would know I meant the $1 is part of overhead. Never did I mention $1 is an admin fee.

2) He continued accusing me of being biased when I pointed out both the pros and cons, whereas, he only posted or linked to all the bad press. This prompted Rachel to question why he was so bent on a smear campaign about Nuffnang, of which he didn’t answer …naturally.

For those who read my reply in the morning, would know I haven’t use the word biased to anybody in the morning, now we know Mr Larry Lim has a perception problem.

3) When told that he should be open-minded and meet Ming directly if he has doubts, he chose to remain anonymous instead and to continue blogging based on assumptions - something I was accused of in the first place. This is like a casino where the banker decides the rules huh?

When told he should assume the situation based on the mood of the community, he got very frustrated and suddenly threatened to delete all my comments and refuse my comments to be posted.

Who is this mystery person anyway? Why does he spend so much effort in victimizing others? Why does he chooses to censor the good press and only put up negative ones? Why is he hiding in anonymity? What else is he hiding?

Sir, I do not victimize. My job is to disclose negative ones like yours is to disclose positive. We have different role. Lets respect each other’s role. Let the points be made avail and let the reasoning prevail.

Judging from your reply to several other bloggers such as Paddy Tan and Cobalt, we can tell your mind ain’t condense enough to carry it through.

Have a nice day Larry, and to say I delete my own posting on your blog where we know postings can only be deleted by you is at best a idiocy.

*Larry went on to delete all my comments, create an entry(disable comment on this entry) and accuse me of deleting my own postings from his personal blog. How smart is this man? Ladies and gentleman, your judgement.

Larry : If you are not able to engage replies, don't bother starting a thread. It just makes you look bad.


ignorantsoup said...

Hi Harry,

I just wanted to confirm. What is the purpose to start this blog? Is it to point out the flaws so that Nuffnang will change, or so that Nuffnang will fail?

If its the former, you got my support.

Harry Lee said...

Dear Sir, all points spoken in this my blog are moot. It is not definite and definitely not ingrain. However, all my question thus far are specific and definitely palpable.

Choose any point of contention; i will definitely give you my humble point of view. I will humbly, without regret or exasperation, put out my analysis to the community and in the process make the point clearer to readers.

Larry Lim said...

ignorantsoup: did you get what he said? That's why I mentioned that he's trying that old "if you can't convince them, then confuse them" tactic.

Harry Lee said...

Your assumption is amazing. Your speculation is laziness at its best. Guess what you will. I answer only to my conscience. I have no opinion about how you describe my character or otherwise, my interlocution is based on reason and reason alone that is why I respect you too. I do not believe in any character commentaries shot here, however I would not stop others from doing it, except by the factor of Law. I may disapprove of those things said in your blog, that do not mean I can or believe I am the power to stop it, if by having interlocution with you needing you to describe my character then you truly have to look into the mirror. I forgive you, for all uncalled speculations thus far, though I am hurt but I know I must take it.

Have a good day, Sir.

ignorantsoup said...

Hi Larry..

Yes I do get your point. Lol..Because I have no idea what Harry said in response to my question. I thought my question was quite direct, just a yes or no question about the purpose.

I guess if Harry wants to convince people he has to show his genuine concern to Nuffnang.

Harry Lee said...

Sir, i believe the essence of this blog must be to read the context, then note the questions.

Point of contention is up to you Sir.

soup said...

Well, I understand the part about reading the context and noting the questions. However, the difference between many other blogs out there which criticize nuffnang are in a very different capacity than yours.

It seems, to an outsider, that this blog is a little too harsh, and seems to be blowing things off to a huge proportion.

Plus this fight with Larry is getting nowhere. If the whole point is to talk about Why Nuffnang will fail if it doesnt change, then leave larry alone? There is no point in fighting him anyway. Take a step back and people will respect you for being a gentlemen. :)

I do hope your purpose is to improve Nuffnang.Well, I hope.

Harry Lee said...

Differences can degenerate into self styled depression, or it can raise you to another level of interlocution. Each determines his own consequence. There may be positiveor negative or agenda filled discussions, each the master of his own call sign. But are we not at the same time trying to preach the truth in the eyes of our own: mindful to the essence of what are being discussed are associated with the fact we see?

To some, opinions that slam Nuffnang is myopic? Put it this way, i do not have the power to stop people like Larry Lim if he decides to be the PR person for Nuffnang and sing praises in his blog. But you can choose to ignore or engage him in his blog or if he bans you from preaching the truth you see, then i have only one option that is preach on my own blog.

And in creating this blog, i am ready for flame of free speech. I have already said, everyone has different roles and lets respect each other's role and of course, since you ask that question, i cannot expect you to understand this.


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