Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good Or Bad?



November 6th, 2007 at 12:09 pm

There would be criticisms and there would be praises. If you are really that good, why would people want to bring you down. When i say good, i dont mean just good in amassing bloggers by the thousands or getting big corp to advertise with you or renting an office in some skyscrapers.

You are as good as what the community value you. You can friggin good in negotiations with advertisers or celebrities and organising events. But the community consist of many sections and they judge you as a whole, every section has different expectation from you. Unfortunately the most populated section here belongs to the tail end of the community.

Nuffnang is not elected by community to serve advertisement. Nuffnang is not popular by default. Nuffnang is popular only because of its bloggers, once those bloggers disappear so does your popularity. You real job is to make popular decisions so that blogger feels happy and therefore make you popular. I hope you see the linkage.

Your quest for popularity are subject to competitions. When people criticize you, there is a reason and if you refuse to acknowledge and deal with it and move on, then there would be displeasure. People would start commenting on blogs, hate sites coming up, your competitor would arbitrage on the situation and up another notch.

As you can see, a business isnt simply a matter of having the bank book tally. Behind the bankbook are games, rules, tricks and strategy which you need to learn how to apply in what situation. In my viewpoint, Advertlets had done right many things which Nuffnang had done wrong.

My personal message to the Nuffnang Directors, just 4 words - Stay Humble And Learn.

Meanwhile i will continue to educate aspiring entrepreneurs using the example of Nuffnang in the site.

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