Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Quintessential Question

(Please note questions are at the end, front part would always build context, establish facts, this question here trigger off the whole saga but the critical thing is still to clear your doubt as to the crux of matter though reason and logic.)

Nuffnang was created to arbitrage on the local advertising market as it serves only local community. There were a few issues recently that did not go down well with its publisher (bloggers). For example a simple issue of implementing $1 for cash depositing has incur the wrath of some of their cash depositors. The issue has been publicized in an article in Techcrunch and readers are split as to whether were they being victimized or protection for the company is require.

I will post each question in simplest sentence in for form of a question, every single day till every stones are turned.

The first quintessential question:  Why did they implement a $1 fee for cash out of a cheque? How did they arrive at the figure $1?

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