Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tenth Quintessential Question

Let a retreat be an advance, before it is too late!

Yesterday, I read an excellent article on the call for advertiser to ban Nuffnang, which is posted by one of the Nuffnang supporter. I am attracted by the notion of retreat. Did the notion of retreat ever occur to Nuffnang leaders? This notion of retreat coincides with the reality of facts, one which are easily available online in this environment. The modus operandi of Nuffnang has been to scam long tail of bloggers, now going through the inevitability of being forced to change. Many bloggers which I highly regard also believe Nuffnang should self correct in order to ensure its own survival.

What is amazing about the concept of retreat is also the reality of advance. There are benefits from other advertising company which Nuffnang could not match : Free cash out at advertlets. Unless Nuffnang can withdraw its implementation of fees, they must accept that they will no longer control popular opinion in due course. The recent scandal involved Nuffnang must have truly terrified the community. They are not so much terrified by the $1 (which is a small sum). They are terrified by the fact that the implementation of charging was not justified to the community and Nuffnang has shown little interest in engaging the issue with the public. The margin of error is now so large when assessing the impact of the scandal, they must now decide whether they withdrew the implementation ( which is not likely as their ego is too huge ) or they must face the consequence of bloggers leaving. I honestly believe the situation is now on the path of the latter.

I believe this is good news for the community. I believe my reasoning is sound.

As always, my delimiter and honesty prompter.

The tenth quintessential question for your representative: The blogger’s voices in the community and reality are diametrically opposite to those celebrity bloggers that are with them, which one is Nuffnang listening?

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