Friday, November 2, 2007

Enuff of Nuffnang

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When I first signed up on Nuffnang, the Malaysian based blog advertising community, I listed two web sites to place my Nuffnang banners. They are located on my personal website as well as this site. I was told that the banners are supposed to be prominently placed as advertisers would prefer their advertisements to stand out when surfers visit the blogs. So, I placed the banner on top of my post contents in my personal blog and over here, just below the Title of this site but above Google Adsense ads.

However, I ran into trouble with PayPerPost in respect of my personal blog because they dislike the big banner which appears at the top of the post contents. Since I was making more through PayPerPost compared to Nuffnang (which I still have yet to earn a single cent till todate), I decided that Nuffnang should be sacrificed. This is not the end of the Nuffnang story.

On 12th April, 2007, I received an email from Nuffnang informing me that this blog has been chosen by an advertiser wherein the campaign date will run from the 15th April till the 5th of May. Great. Finally I’m going to see some money coming in. 15th of April came and so did this computer gibberish message in replacement of the banner. I wrote an email to Nuffnang’s marketing department (well, email says : marketing at nuffnang dot com dot my) on 16th April informing them about the error but that email was bounced back undelivered because the routing to timothy at netccentric dot com failed. I then sent the same email to timothy at nuffnang dot com on the same day but I have yet to receive any response.


Something is wrong somewhere. And I don’t think it’s on my part here. I really do not like to see that computer gibberish right up there on this blog. It is ugly and it does not flatter Nuffnang as well. Perhaps by the time you read this, the issue has been resolved or I may have removed it altogether.

I know that Nuffnang is new (it was afterall, recently launched on 27th February, 2007). I know that there are many things to improve and the team is working hard to iron out all issues which cropped out. However, not all bloggers / publishers or advertisers may be as patient, especially when emails are not responded within reasonable time. Even a “I am away and will get back to you as soon as possible” email would at least do some damage control. There are many advertising programmes out there jostling for business and customer service need to be given first priority - whether they be the bloggers or the advertisers. If I were Nuffnang, I would be embarassed indeed to see the advertisement on my blogger’s page turning out to be “Not Found - The requested URL /adsprovider/adsprovider/imgadscenbust.php was not found on this server.” message with Nuffnang Ads immediately at the bottom. What would advertisers say about this? Mine may be an isolated case but it is still one damaging case. Since no one from Nuffnang could respond to me, I have to reach out to them through this blog.

If they can respond to me within 24 hours and get this thing sorted out, I will remove this post of mine. I know they need to look after their rice bowl and I am willing to forgive. I am not unreasonable. So, over to you Nuffnang.

Lesson to learn : Do check your blog regularly to ensure that all the links or banners are working.

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pablopabla said...

Dear Blogger,

You have fully copied my post without my permission and posted it here as your own without attribution to its source.

Should you fail, refuse or neglect to remove this post within 48 hours, I will be reporting this to Google / Blogger.

PabloPabla of

H said...

The last thing i need is to claim ownership of all articles in this blog. This blog is a collection of widely available information found on the net. My sincere apology if you had percepted that way Sir. I have included your rightful link on the article.

pablopabla said...

Thank you for putting it in the correct manner. I have no issues with it now.

H said...

My pleasure Sir.


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