Sunday, November 4, 2007

Wacky Nuffnangees

And they call themselves the Executive Director in this friggin Nuffnang right from the start. You need more than a suit and a tie, like a massive brainstorm mate. You create this section in your office, right behind those programmers, and call it the table of the Executive Director. Whole table was redone in that glossy candy white color like that imac. You can just sit there eating your satay and drinking kopi-o while looking cool and going, yeah, sort that client out, reading how jealous were people to actually criticize your toy. You’re like, look at me, young, cool, abnoxious, nouveau riche and arriviste, tech savvy, dotcommer and own lots of advert spaces, live in a nice apartment in KL, I’m better than you. Your parent must be going nuts for it. You ain’t Beckham or Rooney.

So you’re like, huh, a horror movie? You wouldn’t recognize the friggin need to go fondle your client’s butt. What? So I don’t go, you don’t gimme business? Whatever, but like, what’s the connection here? Like, will there be a space for me to breath at all? OR maybe you meant some special spaces. Well it’s marketing innit? The good example of putting faces to Nuffnang is like how some brands are sticking on airplace, so when it crash, ya know? That brand crashed! Meanwhile, Ming’s like, Hrm, well,uh,yah, whatever, but we’re lacking in marketing innit? Like there’s only a marketing job now after there was a need for PR job. They’re still as white, as the iMAC.

Truth is you risk your freedom cause you made such a big deal about Nuffnang on your blog out of the stupid publicity and made people know Mr Nuffnang as Mr Ming or Mr Timothy. Smack your face when they feel like smacking Nuffnang. Talking about how you feel kicking the crap out of Nuffnang because you need family members to pay ya bills, ya right, but you 2 are sure pretending one thing or another? Maybe the business is friggin good, otherwise how you figures you need so much iMAC and went shopping for it like a dickbreath in the iSTORE.

Anyhow pushing back on your bloggers and say dilute you means getting little out of Nuffnang makes no sense cause if you have noticed, you have a little ego problem. I’m sorry, “dilute you” ??? My god, look I’ve been to your Nuffnang website and seen you sell those stupid adverts but tell me why the hell when I visit blogs, 90% of them have that blue logo with nothing? I mean, bloody waste of space to plug in just a blue logo there, why isn’t anyone bitching about that? Timothy, it’s a bloodie waste of space even it is painted blue in color. Cut a fart, change your controls, let it work something out for you, give bloggers a slice of the action.

God bless you, if you say bloodie right, mate. Say the words like a gentleman, email your bloggers and tell them, you don’t care what, an ad is going through your web or a bullet through my head, let that deal happen. Ha!

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