Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Real Success Factor

You may notice the leader’s passion in this venture about becoming a force in the internet community. They are driven by money and status.

You may not have noticed since the beginning of the story, that what is lacking is the real passion of the entity creation itself and being passionate about the existence of this creation is so important because it gives one the energy to stir the ship in very difficult circumstances.

That one got overlooked but trust me, people who been there done that, would noticed. And I know the owners of Nuffnang are not freaking out. Why? Because the reality of the barriers ahead had not hit and of course you would not let it affect you more than what it might.

The real motive of any business must be making money. But that cannot be the overriding factor to the point of saying it out loud and broadcasting it on your personal blog. Guess what effect it might as on your potential customers? It isn’t a simple business such as $2 for a delicious bowl of Mee Pok Tah.

A business is a complex whole which main objective is make money but the real passion in doing so centers on a string of the creation of providing and that is the system of businesses which can circles community. But guess what you dudes are using to drive the core of the business? If I were to fast forward this and see where this would gonna end up, then what I see in a few years time is something not very big. Not good enough to be something that huge that can trudge the earth’s surface and have noise the equal size of your ambition in the monetary measure of the business.

Reason for this is because you had set yourself such a high standard when endlessly comparing yourself to and the owners of these some of the best enterprises where they are successful but albeit the best from a very big pool of failures and more so probably started off by some of the genius in the world.

Right you look at Mr. Steve Job, while admiring all his success about Apple and how it compete with Microsoft in search of the point where the next technology dough is heading, but the real right amid all these glamour are quietly happening.

It is like while i am operating the clutch and the gears of my car, i haven’t a clue what is happening inside.(for those who feel the need to get the better side of me and tells me he knows and why i don't, try make a living out of it then)

And though i know how to operate and enjoy the system which allows me to drive, there is something exist which i couldn’t see and the magic of setting up the system is not something I can create just because I can and love driving a car. You wait and see. There will be battles and your battle is going to be played not on a ground where you have time to learn but immediately in something as sexy as bonking a running horse. Just raw battles. And perhaps battles that had nothing to do with technology or your imagination of your expectations. Yeah. Armageddon is what I see. I am predicting skid marks and lots of it. Looking at a fine example like does not make your business follow suit.

Thinking of’s success would not be success just because one has thought enough of it. Sure, they inspire us with the grip and the influence it had around thee globe, but if only their success can be easily understood as the success of the Goreng Pisang stall in your local coffeeshop.

What happens is as the business prospers, investors inherit ownerships and trust me, when you attract big investors and allow them a foot in it, the end result is these guys who have the moolah once again raised their profile by arbitraging the potential.

The bigger the money, the bigger the power. The ultimate direction of the business is with those who has the next million buck buying into power, not less. Why am I saying so? Because the focus of your ambition are only as big as your ability to invest.

Anyhow, you are already in the game, so I am here to criticize you from now on, everyday on this blog and remind you the rule of the game itself. There are lessons to be learnt and I will use the story of nuffnang to faciliate this education to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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