Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Control Factor

Owners of Nuffnang, your pain of running this business are felt by every entrepreneur. First, you will feel the pain of motivating a team of staff because it requires skills where you have to adopt the balance of keeping humans happy and work done. You pull out your gun and start firing them and you lose the respect and they become dead people, you give them the cozy little love and you see them behaving like what people who took things for granted.

Oh, Timothy is a nice boss, isn’t it? You’re just sitting there, in your chair, thinking, how to tell them to speed up their work. Speed is a relative term. The measure is different for everyone and trying to get them to not only read but produce your measure won’t makes you shiver but if you think you had the skills to motivate them then let me say at one point you would find the level of your skill has dropped. Brother, everyone had felt that pain. I’ve been there and millions would probably have been there. I’ve heard of stories of people got fired by the same company they founded. I hope it won’t be same case as you but you created this friggin thing call nuffnang and you haven’t a clue how to motivate staff because you have never work a single day in your life (I mean a corporation) haven’t a clue about bringing people forward in a corporate environment. The hype and all would push your energy from the start and you had probably closed a few deals and any sort of success is success now and you are enjoying all publicity no doubt. But you can start folding your tent if success has only a single meaning.

I know, you feel like some hunk, whose name is pasted on some kind of hall of fame now which you think is all quite good for the future. Don’t feel so. You’re not the first one to feel it. Many had done it; many achieved more than nuffnang and still fail. Infact the niche of nuffnang is so small, it ain’t gonna be climbing tall mountains. The people in America, in China, in Europe, they haven’t a clue about nuffnang and probably can’t even if they try to have interest. No really. It’s true.

I mean, sure, you still got a nice little office, somewhere in some tall buildings with windows staring across some of the best skyscrapers.

Keep cranking out your ideas and maybe more business would come in. Or maybe not. Control as they say is able to turn every nose of the people working under you or above you without being sent away. Now there are many types of control to learn as there are many types of people in corporation. Every corporation has its own unique culture and some you would like and some you won’t. But culture isn’t something you can share just like that.

One has to be in there, survive, share, work and then learn. Sure you would not believe it was the best environment but you absorb and you will happily implement the cultures when you finally run a corporation, not all but some of it. Meanwhile you find that your partner is making plans to kill a part of your idea, frig you up too with some politics. Now you realized you are working with retards and viability of the business becomes a question mark. Someone is making noise about something which added another touch of much need or not needed complexity and confusion becomes greater and greater as the environment becomes murky. Some think about dumping the whole thing and all these happens under the eye of your critics, ready to come with the tag “Destined to Lose”. Oh dude, don’t tell me it would be anything but perfect because then you would be defying history, right? Yeah, me too. I walked the path you are walking so instead of shouting’s success, try to steal just 1% of their market share and that would soften the pain greatly.

I know, the next thing you want to say in your blog is you don’t care about money. All you are keen is to sit in your office and chew gums and run the business, and you don’t care about profits. So hey, things would not be what you expect but don’t try to impress to the point of forsaking your humility and implementing hypocrisy. But look. The good thing out of this thing would be someone might offer you a job later on in your life and you could move back to the starting point where you suppose to start albeit with a mind lesser naïve and I’m sure even then you could chew your gum whatever flavor you like. Just need to buy.

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Anonymous said...

Great work.

pinkpau said...

so bitter, and so many assumptions and blanket statements. for a critic, you sure dont have a lot of substance to do you justice.

so your point is that, what, the NN bosses have never started from the bottom so they will never be able to run a successful company? what kind of logic is that. there is absolutely nothing more bottom than starting a company from scratch in a whole new untapped medium. you go on and on a lot about staff motivation, but for born leaders, things like that come naturally. why pick it up from a book or spend 10 years in a bank learning how to deal with people when you are already equipped with that skill set from the start. it is so very inefficient and unentrepreneurlike to waste perfectly good time like that. and what's all this gun and firing and relative speed stuff you're talking about? such silly drivel and untrue assumptions.

do you really think people succeed by looking at the gutter? comparisons with Google serves as a bar set to always aspire to be like the big guys, so that you NEVER sit around on your ass and be complacent about what little fortune you have. only losers look at the big guys and think, 'walau, they're too big lah, we can never be like that lah.' winners go out there and grab the challenge with their hands. and they learn along the way. no one gets anywhere by always being scared and waiting and waiting for something to fall in their laps.

you said it yourself, cultures range from company to company. so why all this conformity to textbook ideals? you seem to have a lot of things to say about the 'problems' NN faces. yeah, and? does every company during its lifespan, let alone its startup period, not face problems? yeah we all have critics, there will always be internal clash of opinions, but why does this stem from the fact that the NN bosses have had - in what is your own words - no working experience? it's so silly to think that. these problems will plague any company, whether or not the founders have had 1 year of working experience or 15.

just because you failed, it doesn't mean others will. looking at your supposed critique, which i am sure you must be very proud of seeing how you took the time to start a blog even, i'm not surprised you didnt do so well in this line. NN aside, you clearly lack the vision it takes. dont nitpick on little details and miss out on the big picture.

Harry said...

I beg to differ, born leader is one thing. But management is another.

You said all are untrue assumptions. Are they all not assuming? You mean to tell me they have crystal balls and they know where to go next? We are all assuming, and we all have different ideas. Time will tell who is right.

If you have target and google is it, that is absolutely fine. By all means go ahead. But if you want to duplicate Google via it's path. such as 'the-owner-has-not-work-a-day-too' OR 'they-started-from-some-small-room-like-us' that kind of tuang, then i'm sorry. Thats merely hallucinating your every step and agreeing within yourself that the step will lead the google way. There is no google way. They are highly successful because of thousands of factors and what they know of are so trivial and probably had such wee effect on the actual success that one has to be not very clever to worship every movement.

Cultures are different but the lessons you learn while managing people, enbrace in the corporate politics,forming relationships and solving problems are not something someone can just say 'I WAS BORN WITH THAT SKILL'. If you've had corporation expeirence, you would know what i';m talking about. If you havent, i wont blame you but your time will come when you have an eye opener experience.

It doesnt matter whether an founder has 1 or 15 experience? If you look at recruitment section of your daily tabloid, please look at the requirements, the amount of experience they are looking for, and those are freaking fake. You are paid for your experience.

Experience by the layman's definition means the knowing of where and how things could do wrong, and not only that, but also applying the correct solutions. You dont learn this by starting a company. Unless you want your company to fail badly. You need your lessons and how or where you want to get it is fine. My personal judgement is that nuffnang will not succeed, not even at any level,and there are many many reason why it would not. From the owners, the mentality, the expectation right down to the design of their website. You want to know more, come back and read my post.

Anonymous said...

Wow ... in the time it took you to start this site, there's so much other more productive things you could have done with your life than waste it away like this. I feel sorry for you.

Harry said...

Come back one month later and tell me what you think.

eStee said...

YOU SAY "I know, you feel like some hunk, whose name is pasted on some kind of hall of fame now which you think is all quite good for the future. Don’t feel so. You’re not the first one to feel it. Many had done it; many achieved more than nuffnang and still fail."

--->> 1 out of 100 entrepreneurs succeed. Since you claimed to have also tried and failed, you must agree that as a start up, small steps to success should be celebrated. The journey is long and arduous and not one without pains -- if one of the founders have received recognition, why be a wet blanket and discourage them? In fact you of all people should know that success does not come easy and should applaud them for making it thus far. Yes, many have achieved more than Nuffnang and still failed , but thus far they are doing fine, so just because you didn't reach their success, why the "sour grapes" and personal attacks??

YOU SAY "The people in America, in China, in Europe, they haven’t a clue about nuffnang and probably can’t even if they try to have interest. No really. It’s true."

--->> When Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google, they were still both in University (like the founders of NN). Initially, Google got 10,000 queries per day compared with 200 million today. With Alta Vista, Yahoo, Excite, etc, the last thing the market needed then, was for another search engine. Look where they are now. I'm not saying NN will be the next Google, but I'm just saying let's not underestimate Nuffnang just yet.

YOU SAY" But you can start folding your tent if success has only a single meaning."

--->> Success has much more meaning than what you think it is. Ever heard of the Chinese saying "DA SHU ZHAO FENG"? That means only a tree with huge leaves and branches will rustle when the wind blows. Small plants and shrubs are unaffected. As a company grows, as it becomes more and more successful, more competitors will enter the market and it will create more enemies. As the number of supporters grow, naturally, so will the number of people who hate it. It's the rule of thumb, that no matter how good something is, there will be at least 10% of the population that will detest it. It's a fact. Look, go Google "Google sucks" and you will find 7,910,000 hits. Google "Why Google will fail" and you find 3,430,000 hits. Google "Screw you Google" and you get 2,000 000 hits. -- Get my drift?

By you setting up this blog, it underscores the success NN will have. And YOU KNOW IT. You even bother to do this. If you really think NN would fail, you wouldn't even bother setting up this blog because NN would obviously fizzle out naturally with or without your insults.

Finally, you claim that because the founders of NN have never worked in a corporation before, then they do not know how to manage their employees. Google. YouTube. Yahoo! Facebook. The list of blockbuster businesses started by college students continues to grow. Shouldn't we continue to cheer NN on for their successes instead of being so cynical? No matter what someone's major may be, their background or area of interest, our generation of youngsters is well positioned to build businesses. We bring a unique perspective as we all recognize that corporate job stability is a thing of the past.

For sure, as Gen Y, we inherently grasp the pertinence of building a personal brand and also realize that trodding down the entrepreneurial path can give us the ability to make a direct, positive impact on key areas of influence instead of working our way slowy up the corporate ladder. Plus, by starting our own business while still a student, we can immediately blaze a pathway to success and generate income now. What's wrong with taking full advantage of being so closely connected with your college? – There is a plethora of once-in-a-lifetime perks, advantages, and resources available to a student.

Because the founders have taken the "path less traveled" instead of working as the conventional investment bankers like their peers, (founders were graduates from top colleges in London and if took up jobs in banks would easily rake in over 8K a month, but now they are not taking any pay!!) I say Hooray to Nuffnang, may you live long...

Harry said...

Yes i do agree 1 out of 100 entrepreneurs succeed. But 1 out of a few millions succeed the way google did. I am not wet blanket or discourage them. I am merely criticizing based on facts which were valid in my view. It is their right to follow what they believe and it is my right to critisize as a critic.

There again you compare yourself to google and youtube and so on. Please please do not connect your company to the very best of the very best. You are zilch compare to them. Millions and possibly billions had walked your path. What you guys are doing today is nothing spectacular, there are millions that had done it. You are not going to get to that destination because you do not have the X factor. And i will show you with my posting what X factor is missing at nuffnang.

How larry and sergey started google has absolutely no connection to nuffnang, stop hallucinating and following every micro footstep of them. I believe you people at nuffnang are smarter than this.

Criticism will always be there. So stop bitching around shouting foul. Its a fair game. If you couldnt survive from this criticism, then you are not strong enough by genesis. Nothing to do with me bringing you down. It is a fair game dude.

And your hallucinationg of fresh grads earning 8K a month is amusing. Top colleges in london as in compare to those muds uni in mudlaysia?

Infact as a matter of fact, timothy had discouraged a blogger to take up loan to start a business, in that sense is he trying to say everyone should get $$ from his father like how he do to start up business? I will cover all this in my upcoming post.

I say again, if you cant take my criticism, then that is your fate and that would determine your potential.

eStee said...

It's not that I want to compare NN to google, but if u want to aim high, always aim for the best. Y compare yourself to second best or worse still, companies worse than yourself? Only when you aim for the stars, will you be able to reach for something high, even if you fall short.

I'm not the one not able to take criticism, I'm not even from Nuffnang, so I would appreciate if you don't talk to me like I am part of the company. I have no share or stake in the company ok... I'm just saying what I feel, the same way you are...

You can go ahead and continue to criticize, you have every right to, in fact you should continue doing that. Good entrepreneurs (and even fools) know how to separate a personal attack from constructive criticism..

You know which you fall under... :) So does everyone else with mere average inteligence who reads this ...

Thanks for taking the time to reply, I think all of us enjoy some cerebral gymnastics every other day.

Harry said...

I'm glad to see your amuse yourself. I had already mentioned in my post it is ok to set google as the target but to worship every freaking step and self agreeing certain steps as prerequisite of direction of google is simply a fallacy.

It sound like you are an inexperience bloke who had no real life expeirences of fighting a battle but knowing best the stories of reaching stars and moon.

I will continue to do what this blog is setup for and you have every right to perform the execution of the X button if blatant truth isnt your cup of tea but please you are always welcome to return whenever you feel the urge for a piece of mindboggling reads.

eStee said...

You say I sound like I'm an inexperience bloke has no real life experiences of fighting a battle but knowing best the stories of reaching stars and moon.

Bingo! You are very right, in fact I'm still a student with not much working experience. I love reading, though, which is where I get these crazy inspirational stories from.

But one thing for sure I know is whether or not I have real life experience, personal attacks never get you anywhere, especially when spurned from a personal grudge.

It seems like you have had a lot more experience than me in the working world and know a lot about the art of good management. In fact I'm so impressed with you I look forward to seeing you make the headlines really soon. Then I can tell the world I know this spectacular blogger who seems to know the A to Zs of business management and even have this conversation log to prove that I know you!

Ok keep posting ok? I actually do have some real school work to do. But thanks again, I pop here when I get bored and need my daily dose of management insights from the guru.... :) Or maybe, I'll just go start a blog "Why-the-education-system-will-fail", damn I have just too much free time on my hands! Any tips???


Harry said...

I do not know timothy or ming personally, so why the need to personally attack them? I do not derive pleasures from seeing someone fail at something. But what i do enjoy is to give my view point of a circumstances when it had been misinterpreted. Many things had been misinterpreted in the nuffnang story and pretty much untold.

If readers willing, let me communicate those untold truths to you via this blog and whether you like it or you hate it, i can sure you will learn something.

Even i am not too sure i am doing more harm than good to nuffnang. Any controversy is news. And you tell me news are not good for them?
They are in advertising, they want NEWS.

And i do not believe for a second, the nuffnang creators would get affected by what i wrote. I hope they can learn laugh at themself in certain things i wrote and whether my blog would push them up or down the cliff, time will tell and it would not be because of my existence but the attitude, the reponses of people who get affected by my stories.

eStee said...

:) great response. I think we would get along if I knew you personally. We could go on debating from plato to socrates to decartes!

Chill dude. See ya!


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