Sunday, October 28, 2007

Riding Again

You people have no idea honestly. You people feel’s success and that’s what trigger your action and I feel totally sorry for being misinterpret about what is going to happen to you after university. You should accept the offer when some banks are willing to rent your life for RM$8K a month. Though it only equates to slightly over a thousand pound, it is something real and you could shout ‘Right On’. Right friggin on. So at least you can be the guy who is lesser of an a-hole who only took his father’s money and try to make his life changed with it. In fact you need more and more money, so those people could survive on your cheezels and produce more ideas for you.

I tell you what; you guys have plenty of limitations. Like you feel it down inside half the friggin time. So you see your office running, bits of creativity sets in and you try to make everything perfect and whatever you dream up, you tried to bring it out in reality using your money unlimited, nah not enough, try it again, pump in more money. But top, it would get there, not before you sell this company at one point to some big guns who had the money to bring it to’s level. Like Nasi Lemak used to be sold in banana leafs until some rich people invest in food factories and produce the frozen version of it before it can go international. Or something.

But anyway now you’ve for a team and you think you project your vision to them and hope them to materialize it. Instead of solely leaving it as a working environment, you decide to form a team of society gathers which frequents trips and lunches. Must be a dream team you are calling. And each take turns to dream. I’m sure you won’t give up control but with such environment, you have to go along with it at times and soon over later, someone will take over and you beginning shouting a-hole at him.

The guy under you who has better idea how to run the business wanted to do a particular thing his way and you honestly cant imagine he’ll have anything interesting to get to the top of you and definitely say yes but whatever permission you gave him, gossips or something will spread like open source codes online and then suddenly you appears to be out of your mind. Plus the other dude who is sharper knows what happened between. Ya. Nuffnang office environment sucks ass so bad and huge amount of things can’t work. I’m not kidding. So now idiots get connected in this office and the sooner it collapse the better, as far everyone is concerned.

Hey, which dude came with the idea of selling advertising on websites that doesn’t belong to you in the first place? I like the idea, man, but isn’t there something kinda sick about letting someone else running advertisement on your blog? Think about that. Peace out.

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