Monday, October 29, 2007

About That Level

Your leadership looked anything but inspiring. Management skills looked very thin, almost gaunt. Let me tell you something, you look had that gaunt look because you’ve been having too much Bakuteh at the rate of once a week on the weekend. Broadcasting your life at close range allow people to get so near to you that they could smell your breath and by the way they are like a few thousand kilo miles away from you.

Not fun when you’re sitting on a table like few thousand kilo miles away, people could still smell you, imagine your hongkong or in this case mudlaysia foot stinks the whole world. Anyway Nuffnang sucks and not because of you. Honestly. You would get pulled out of Nuffnang within next 2 years, if not sooner. Also, you should start a post in your blog “ Why Timothy look so gaunt”, so as to share with your loyal readers the real you. The friggin post might have a good effect on Nuffnang.

Hope you’re not getting affected to the point of calling your partner Ming aka the man who uses nuffnang as his blog title (don’t you frigging have a problem with that? He is using your company’s name to help promote his personal blog.) and shout Ming, Ming, have you read that blog? It pinpoints me so accurately as if he lives in me like that, how could he print it out on such a blog, its time I put a disclaimer right over my head.

So you sensed something wrong and sure enough, you observe his work and there’s this thing that shouldn’t be done this way and you try to put a magnifying glass on it and out of sudden, a warning sign erupted saying, like, don’t teach me too much or you do it yourself. Suddenly the whole place felt like leaking German gases out of someone’s butt.
Look look, don’t get mad, and just don’t do things this way ok? Frig you, boss I’m gonna go to a proper corporation where they are proper cultures and hierarchies and management style and proper leaders and managers and bosses. May problems bury you up to your neck on the beach at low tide Seriously. And all this is happening week-in week-out, like problems-not-enough- or something. So time has come where you feel you need a ‘doctor’ to come to your office with a few medications and most importantly a box of German Gas Destroyer. And you’re like, Yes. No Friggin. Way off mark. Doctor says why do you keep diapers in your office? You insist they are sanitary pad because they are ladies. And he is like, oh, well, you are a lot better than what they think of you. Really. Now you are not freaked out at all, because he just told you something you wanted to suit yourself in the first place and if you have just one single size of condom in the office, then even the smallest dick can use. So you called a meeting and explain that you are providing more than enough for everyone, and stop bitching about problems in this place because they are employed to solve problems anyway and they were wondering, whats going on, and then you wonder, what’s the big deal with the condom sizes? I wear that size all the time and it makes life a lot easier just to have one size, believe me. So if a little sperm juice squirts out of the rubber just coz it isn’t tight enough, you shouldn’t care because you told them you didn’t ask them to swim in a hole small enough that they could get ejected with sperm. They have noticed what you are made of.

So yeah. You still feel a little gaunt on this Monday and feel you could never get the to the top of your form. Like, fuck me.

You’ve never seen so much complaints about your decisions and the question is how do you become better? Why do I not know how to do this and that? Mostly people started careers with a small chair and I got a big one for my fat-ass, but I’m happy to do this and why do I need to do something stupid like the rest? You know what? I honestly believe I do not look like someone who needs to turn around and says to an idiot “Sorry Boss”. I live in a wonderful world where friggin people who I employed clean my car boots if I wanted them to. Hey, note to you, your business is fine, so does your blog. Everybody at Google are laughing at companies who try to follow the way they control the internet world but I hope you regain your sanity before you start work in an investment bank one day hopefully.

Okay, sorry folks. Timothy is in another cranky mood now, just think of something beautiful and shiny that has a sense of childlike wonder hiding behind the Nuffnang portal. Peace out.

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kennysia said...

"Management skills looked very thin, almost gaunt."

How would you know? Care to elaborate?

Harry said...

I don't know and i can't prove it. There are many things i don't know. I don't know how they are doing at nuffnang. I dont know whether you have a dick. I dont know can your dick erect. I dont know even know whether are you the son of your father.

But not knowing something has no connection to the state of its actual existence.

If i did not see the accident that you make a drama of and have no knowledge of it's existence, does it mean it did not happened?

Not knowing something does not mean that i can't guess based on certain facts.

You mean to tell me you are not guessing? Tell me then how do you know your father is your father? You remember you came out of the womb seeing your father's face? Even if you do remember, how does you know he is your actual father? Are you not guessing in this case based on what people tell you?

To tell me someone running a corporation with excellent management skills eventhough he has not worked a single day in his life is as good as telling me you are excellent at html eventhough you have never done any programming ever in your life.

Anyway there are a million tricks one can learn in management and since they think they know it all, then let me show them how much they actually know by raising examples in this blog. You are free to come here and read to as free to banning yourself from entering here to starting a blog of your own opposiing what i said here.

You are free to do anything in your life, the game will be a fair one.

eStee said...

Dude, you're a comedian. I think you should read your response to kennysia's comment. Oh My FREAKING God! After reading so many times, I have no idea what you are saying, you're English is soooo terrible!! Plus the way you're proving a point by joining the dots about proving one's father is really their father -- just does not make sense. No seriously, I'm being very impartial and objective here!

The only thing you've proved is your need for a brain and English lessons!!! If not cannot afford it, I suggest you make a living by being a stand up comedian. (you'll really make a lot of money!)

Seriously at first your posts were comprehensive, but now they just do not make any sense!!! It's like a string of random vulgarities joined together.

I suggest you get someone to proof read what you're writing first. I would really want to continue reading your blog because I truly think it's insightful, and but please.. can you make it fit for human consumption?

Thanks, from your loyal fan...

Harry said...

I never said from the start my engrish is excellent. So i'm not lying to you therefore do not act as if i've made a big lie.

My engrish is terrible. Infact i just missed out on A1 in O level. I will respect your right to lower me based on my written language proficiency as you desire. But seriously no arguements are impartial or objective here. I'm a keen statistician and an even keener hypothesis performer.

And i appreciate your comment of my writings as not fit for human consumption though i fathom which bit because any interlocution needing a proper existence of proofing uses a string of continuum reasonings beyond doubt can't be made to narrow any part for sake of any personal measure of satisfaction based on a connection between visual and casuistical perception albeit a little subtle but still however very much undesired.

kennysia said...

I don't get it. What are you trying to say?

Are you trying to tell me that you are only guessing that Tim and Ming have little management skills?

That's all? Just guesses? Without facts or evidences to backup your claims?

Do you know something I don't know? If so, please do tell because it is for my own good too. I obviously don't want to waste my time working together with companies that are not managed well.

If that is really the case.

So many questions. Too little answers.

eStee said...

huh? huh??? huh???? harry... please... what the hell are you talking about??? I think no one understand you now.

By the way, good use of a thesaurus though, substituting words for what you initially intended.. no one understands you.

I don't even know how to reply because I have no clue what you're saying...

Depresses me because I am actually interested in what you have to say, I just need to comprehend it!!! OMG!

Harry said...

You don't have to guess certain things. Certain things are a matter of opinion and i have rights to mine and you have rights to yours all the same.

In this world, we are guessing many things, right. Nuffnang is guessing they will make money(obviously). Timothy is guessing doing this is better than a job with an investment bank. You are guessing working together with them is nothing but beneficial to you in any ways.

So i won't be an hypocrite to the point of telling you whatever i know is not my guess, right? If you think your mind works like a crystal ball where you can read the future instead of guessing the future, then go ahead and i will give you the rights to that.

Please continue to read my blog if you want what i think of the story of Nuffnang. I can't describe them in just a few thousand words or just a single post.

And btw you have the right to start another blog to do anything you want. From describing me to rebutting my postings.

kennysia said...

There's a difference between making empty guesses and making an educated decision. It took me four months from the time Tim asked me to the time I agreed to work with them. During those four months I asked around for second opinions, do my own research on them, and weigh out my options. In making a business decision, it is important to do that.

So what you're saying is that you are making empty guesses, you don't actually know jack shit, you are making baseless accusations and assumptions without facts and whatever you said is nothing but a bag of hot air?

Harry said...

You are guessing your decision and trying to call it educate is your right to do so. If you want to call your glass full, i won't argue with you to insist it is half empty. I will grant you thta right.

You can go from second opinion to third opinion, from research to research, from forum to forum, from guru to guru, and you can call your whatever business or academia or decision or guesses, i dont care because i am not keen to get into a semantic debate.

You can go on and accuse me, assume me, or descript me. The fact that you are even here, this blog is already a winner. Peace out.

Edwin Masripan, said...

I know its important to be able to Bullshit to gain traffic, but accusing someone with empty guesses is wrong. Sure you can think in whatever fashion you want, but dont throw your water balloons everywhere.

If you really have the balls, DONT be anonymous. Let nuffnang write to you perhaps bring you to court for defamation or some sort.

Being charged with $1 for every withdrawal is too small. Have you thought about withdrawing at your ATM, how much do they charge you? Its your money, so WTF the bank charges?

You dont have to write like a mad scientist or an old english teacher of mine. Just connect the dots. Make it simple.

Analytical? Oh boy, you sure have a lot to think about.

Harry said...

You are now accusing me.

Everything you wrote was accusing me because you do not know me and have absolutely no idea how much i know about what i wrote.

I don't need to have balls to start blogging about what i know.

Being charged for even a $100 is no big deal. But being charged without being told in advance, and thereafter explain by using operational cost just for sake of explaining, assuming readers as no older than 3 year old? Thats not what i call integrity. As such, i feel the need to have a space and consolidate what they havent been doing right.

If you have follow them through their publicity before and after Nuffnang was launched, you would had realised, Nuffnang is run by a bunch of kids, who havent worked a day in their life, eating cheezels, driving beemers and volvos, using funds from "somewhere" to create this thing and put it side by side with, trying to worship every piece of virtual ground walked, put faces to Nuffnang, using their personal blogs to divert traffics to Nuffnang, talked a lot but havent walk their talk, making common mistakes but not admitting, thinking they refused a "sure-get" $8K ringging job(whoever gave them that idea that fresh grad would be employed at that price) and now you are telling me $1 is small amount to even care?

It is not about $1, it is the way they handled situations pertaining to every operation of Nuffnang. By right, they already make a mistake by boasting about "giving-up-an-investment-job-worth-8-k", thinking they rather spend their time learning doing business rather than "proper working experience".

My gawd if you allow me, before you want to manage employees, before you want to run an office, before you want to be a businessman, you learn what it feels to be an employee, you go to a proper corporation to learn how a corporation works.

All this are just waiting to happen. It is Murphy Law. They even go as far as commenting on almost every piece of entry on blogs, they are just a bunch of kids who know nuts about running a business. Commenting on blogs frequently using your real name open yourself to public attacks at grounds which may not be flavourable to you, which you must avoid at all cost. The only ground you debate is at or at whatever Nuffnang Help Forum if you want.

They are just a bunch of kids, with no understanding of the knowhow of managing people, and now they are in business and you tell me they are going to walk side by side with

Go to a proper place to learn slowly. If you think you are that smart, you dont need to follow, go and open a textile factory of go and run a shipping like. If you can't succeed in that, there is no reason why you can succeed in Nuffnang.

Peace out.

Harry said...

For those readers feeling not good reading entries in this blog, i have just 4 letters to say to you


It can means

Mind Your Own Business


Make Your Own Blog

Anonymous said...

Estee, your standard of English isn't great either. One finger pointing at others and 3 more pointing back at you


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