Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Clean Up Impossible

Folks, a few issues to deal with.

1. I’m going to post a list of all things that contributes to why Nuffnang sucks greatly. Email me if you want something included in the list.

2. Does anyone give a damn about what I say about Nuffnang? At least a few did. As I said yesterday, their management skill is so thin. Whoever is against what I said is obviously very font of this “dream team” Nuffnang from the start, but Kenny will insist no since he wouldn’t put his bucks where someone of normal senses would come up with such a piece of crap. I don’t care about others say about Nuffnang but if they care about my opinion, then I had something worthy for you to contribute with such a little amount of time of your entire life that I think frankly, I’m a little friggin superstar or something. Someone must be moody reading this blog, Ming, the bitter gourd face, Timothy, the fat frigtard and there must be some others. Anyhow, its kinda gay, so whatever. I installed my own ammo in a kind of online group that can fire these idiots as and when I like.

3. No harm has been done. I’m feeling much better than before. Many thanks for your reply and challenge which proves you are as clueless as the one who started Nuffnang. Really.

4. You may have read that certain problems are a matter of inexperience. Like how the hell any company could pay out only 1 month later though the sales being made and service been rendered. How can rule change to existing customers regarding cheque depositing? You guys are lucky lawsuit isn’t coming your way. Put aside management. They don’t even know how to handle customers dude. And you may be wondering whether these are the result of inexperience or insensitive or something in between? Like there is any connection between them in the first place? If there any way to explain this strange coincidence that both of these can be part of the description of the problems that seems to of certain similarity in genes? Hmm. Hafta analyze more on that one. But meanwhile, remember, there is nothing to worry because you can change nothing at all. Just think Nemo, he swam the entire ocean and he is still a clown! Have you ever seen anything as cute as Timothy? And look how happy he is! Or you can think about Ming. Gleaming, bitter gourd face, stubborn, bad tempered. Watch their relationship turns sour! You would be so cool if you saw them. Say this word like a mantra to yourself: Nuffnang, nuffnang, nuffnang, Mmmmm.Ommmm. A simple fallacy of comparing Google.com to Nuffnang, you simply cannot, what is apparently Google.com does not become Nuffnang because you chant it long enough.

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