Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Genius Behind The "Genius"

People often ask me why some people are called “geniuses”. Well, first of all, yes this has to be their idea. And it is simple. Why would anyone want to go to an investment bank and work for a few ringgits an hour? Be a pretentious a-holes for that mere figure? Answering questions from potential investors and call themselves “BANKER” and they dressing up like a job that paid them 100k a year? Oh of course you gotta pay them more, just a bit more, at least a few more ringgits per hour in commissions , maybe more. Yet these geniuses instead of begging others to put ads on their web, they are putting a few on their personal blogs instead.

If you noticed, several identical commercial ads are running simultaneously. These applications are fraudulent, laugh your asses off. You mean they are putting Nuffnang ads on their personal blog for free? I swear, just so they could get some moolay back and let Nuffnang’s customer’s ad hang out in their cool blogs. Poor clueless clients who might drift in all upset because their precious advertisements didn’t exposed to relevant markets. You just know that’s what I am bitching about, right? Surprise, sucker! You owned blogs and you make your own blog serving your own Nuffnang’s advertisement and making money from Nuffnang and from your own blog, you gotta be lucky not getting insulted by doing this smarty doddgy “genius” who says he rejected a $8K ringgit position.

If you couldn’t figure this out for yourself, then you has no understanding of consumer value here. I mean, what is wrong with you? Are you retarded? This after advertisers had paid you an amount to run ads in blogs and you put them unto your own? The more I abuse you, the more you are going to wake up. To think they are smart to earn in both ways. Amazing. Honestly. Referees are banned from betting at bookmakers and there is a lesson there for you.

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1 comment:

Simon said...

I think they shouldn't run ads on their personal blog too. Because that would split their interest in 2 parts and focus could be murky.

What i think is all nuffnang personnel and even immediate relatives and family members should not participate in Nuffnang serving adverts otherwise it may become a controversy like there could be kelong easily. Just my 2 cents.


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