Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Earth to Nuffnang

Stupid 5 figure investment is the ugliest piece of crap I’ve ever seen. There, I said it. Look at the stupid portal on Empty through out top down on left and right. The designer really thinks he’s the shizzle, doesn’t he? Mr Smart Alec, in the advertising business, leaving empty spaces on his own front page unexploited. And you tell me these people knows all about advertising? Real intelligence. Pop quiz: Name one thing this guy has ever done correctly. Question Two: Name one thing they had invented that no one else had. Question Three: Name one good idea that has come out of the Nuffnang good enough for others to copycat. No they haven’t made history. For once they had made, they would be friggin worry about those “copycats” trying to emulate their entity or something.

Yeah, and it can kind of like, uh, how come there are so many competition one. So you mean only you had the real intelligence and others are artificial or something. Great, you’ve spent a few hundred k ringgits in papa-grant money to make a friggin Romba. Except yours lacks a special feature even your vacuum cleaner has in sucking. Nice. Now these whiz-kids have dreams up a half-baked entity that they hope to be running with money pouring into their accounts, telling all other kids on internet community they are providing the world with a COMMUNITY like giving them some Christmas pressies? Yeah right, frog-green pile of crap as I see it. Using a tree to hide your real motive. You’d fly as far as Mars to shove some dough up your consumer’s butt. The best part is they aren’t even going to get more money from you than because they can drop their advertisement all over the world and very cheaply and of course in the name of RELEVANCY upsized. Here you go, Nuffnang, it’s your very own cheapo plastic Nuffnang with no hard disk and no manual. Just a plastic and you figure how you gonna crank it up. You can move back to investment bank telling stories of your Nuffnang next time.

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