Wednesday, October 31, 2007


This just happened and your client must be so pissed. Like all is good and they’re either waiting for their adverts to go live or waiting for your cheque to arrive, and then greeted by your announcement that you need to suck one friggin ringgit from every friggin cheque , just sound like you haven’t got the running system ready…anyway you do this sometime because you have no real understanding of the importance of overdelivering. You get pulled over because you are not keen on overdeliver. These Nuffnang guys, when they said eighty, they meant 70. You guys must like, dude, maybe you should try to deliver like 110%, so,uh like we are not delivering , okay? I mean it’s not like you sit in a van and delivers to him literally.

You don’t even have a license in driving this vehicle of something, they can’t hear your voice when you were recommending your products and they can’t see the friggin emotions on your face. Only way of winning is overdeliver, again and again. You’re like. Bitch, I created Nuffnang and I invented this friggin thing that works in Mudlaysia, okay? Have you seen it working here? Next thing you know you’re flat on the pavement, face down because lets just say you ignore but surely you heard of AuctionAds, AzoogleAds, NeverBlueAds, Text Link Ads, Chitika, Clicksor, Valueclick Media, Paypopup, and the list goes on mind you. Trying to make a blockbuster entirely based on something so unnecessary. And to all your Nuffnangers, enjoy the company of these adverts which appear on your blog like security guards, frigtards. Just remind them to send you each a Christmas pressie during Christmas time.

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