Friday, November 2, 2007

Why Drop Nuffnang

Why I drop Nuffnang

I’ve been using Nuffnang on for quite some time, probably since the launch and now I chose to skip; nothing personal, just that when ads do not generate revenue we have to let go and give way to better. Here’s few reason that drew me to this decision:

CPC on Image Ads

Bloggers who make money from blogging should know image ads are poor on Cost Per Click (CPC); that’s probably the main reason why most image ads out there are offering as Cost Per thousand Impression (CPM), affiliates commissions, cost per month, etc. I do understand advertisers could be requesting for CPC on their image ads so they maximize from what they’ve paid for, but bloggers should also have the choice to choose if they are interested to accept CPC image ads. CPC image ads appear on blogs without notifications and I think that’s bad. Bloggers only come to know that they are actually running a CPC after noticing a downfall in ads revenue.

Prime Areas on Image Ads

Prime areas are noticeable areas on your blog before a scrolling; they are precious spots as these areas usually get most attention on any visits. It’s best that we make good use of them. Some prefer putting high pay ads, some insert top blog content. In a nutshell, prime areas are expensive areas. I’ve been using Nuffnang on Sidebar prime areas, mainly as being supportive and also earning money from it But if it’s a CPC Image ads that don’t convert,
I’ll have to drop it.

Ads are static

I totally understand that both our local ad networks are new and there are only limited amount of advertisers for the time being. Limited advertisers also mean limited variety of image ads. That’s fine if image ads are running on CPM basis. My point is, when a new CPC image ad comes in, there is a high chance that user will click it. And when user clicks, you earn. But when the exact same ad is being displayed again and again, no one will click it again and when no one clicks your earning will stop until the entire campaign is over. Still, it’s a CPC image ad problem.
Here’s a little suggestion, ad network can suggest advertiser to come out with series of different banners for the same campaign. At least it gives a fresher look instead of displaying same old banner again and again.Ratio of my local visitors reached 4.2k unique per day but it’s recorded around 3k in Nuffnang. That’s okay as tracking might be lead to inaccuracy from many factors. The explanation I was given when I do not have ads served is – my ratios of Malaysian readers are low. Personally, I think that’s quite arguable. Say I have 4000 unique/day with ratio 1:5 - Malaysian readers : International readers. This means I still have 800 unique Malaysian readers/day. Aren’t these Malaysian readers counted?
A reversed question: If the ratio of my traffic is 5:1 and I’m getting 3.2k Malaysian readers and 800 international readers on daily basis, will these 800 International readers be taken into considerations for ads serving?

Geo-location targeted ads are probably the best solution here but I’m still getting the same reason and it’s sad.What’s your say?

The reason I’m writing this to you is because I owe him a lot of guest post ever since I’m made a guest blogger here and entries in have been pre-scheduled until this sunday. I must exclaim again that these are only from my personal point of view and I have no intention to influence nor defamation, Nuffnang might do well on your blog (I know it did quite well for some blogs). It’s nothing personal, just doing what’s best for my blog. Maybe I’ll start a personal lifestyle blog and will again become a Nuffnang publishers I know its long, but I’d really like to hear your opinion and your experience on earning with Nuffnang.

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