Monday, November 5, 2007

The Big Secret

So the meeting was on. Big secret meeting. What load of crap! It was Timothy and Ming chairing the meeting. You mean holes that huge able to mend by this 2 shaking souls? It was not too early, cause to hell with the title Executie Director or whatever that means, but a whole load of expectations awaiting, anyway figure this out, do you see director of posting stupid replies in sporadic blogs? Trying to foist off some postings of accurate reading with your title or name is not going to work out. What about Bill Gates? Friggin replying to you in your post explaining to you why your Windoze has a BSOD?

Its so great to be able to jump on any blogs and comment, right? Comment on the spot not one week later right? Hey dude to be a drug lord, there are certain things you must do. First you must get a few armored SUVs. Second, you need earring on just one ear. I mean helicopter would be hovering overhead but the game would be a fair one. I figure you have no idea that it takes more than a title or money to torch a business. Before you want your freako metabolism, you better learn how to stick it up your ass.

You give the celebrity dudes a big event and you expect the other bloggers to play lego? And then you look amazingly goddamn stubborn when bloggers are pissed off with your motherf-ing handling of them? Meanwhile have you ever seen any Directors or CEO telling people how much they are supporting their own people? Below to right on top, you have the customer service personnel to bullshit, then once it din work, you have managers to sort them and someone who goes around tables and gives everyone what they’ll get since the ball wasn’t played. Neutrality. A business that wins must be prepared to offer remedy for any halting of system. In this case, when it doesn’t go well with bloggers, you freaking bend over and hang your ass in the air.

I’m kinda laughing at the attitude you endorse, I mean if you run the company and you’re on the board, surely you wouldn’t want to be at the frontline melting by public or something? Dare to speak has no connection to earning respect. Look at people around you, in that stupid community, you can speak with a chipmunk accent but you are not offering information using your name but as someone who could raise the issue and reassure the public that you are scare of them abandoning Nuffnang and therefore willing to stamp out any stupid ideas. I mean F your title seriously. You realize you’ve been slapped left right for reasons you overlooked. Beyond your reasons, you need to race around and get shrink for respect and shooting bloggers or something , honestly, I swear to Christ, even if you become the Chairman of Nuffnang, you’re still going to get shot because you f-ing do not know what it takes to be a Director, even a Manager, even a Supervisor.

So here you go, well if things doesn’t run, then you’re probably the last man the public look to you, and you better call them honey, what do you want from me? Saddam Hussein can dance around with some friggin sarong in famous parties but with guys with guns at the door okay?

Now don’t feel so stunned. I mean nobody likes to hurt someone but seriously so long you’ve been sitting there, have you got any idea how to run a corporation? Or your friggin head is gonna explode?

You grow up in a corporation learning the fine art of managing okay? You see those offices, they are not fake okay? Friggin learning how to survive in corporations and invent new surviving methods like every successful people. You got that straight? By the way, have you heard of losers in corporations? Serious, they don’t lose because of ability to work. Scary.

Timothy sitting in office with smoke coming out of ears, Ming is swearing and programmers are kinda laughing or trying to stop themselves from laughing. The whole place is so empty not because of insufficient soul but the clap’s too slow, the coffee’s too bitter and the light’s too dim. The door is not made to scramble through, throw all your fingers at it and collapse it might.

Roar and laugh if you willing and get yourself right back on track working in corporations. Go back anytime. Seriously dude, respect is earned, the need to learn how to earn lies in working humbly for others and that’s all I’m gonna say. Peace out.

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