Monday, November 5, 2007

Swelling Up

Dudes, sorry for the bashings. The blue logo on my blog got the heebie-jeebies and crapped out on me. Do you have a proper customer service system 24hours a day?, yeah right, haven’t got my reply and seems like I’ve been waiting forever. Where is the “genius”? I mean behind that portal of (which of course we know is driving some crazy with no delete account function), get something on which friggin drives the community crazy, I’m not talking about some events for celebrity kids. Emergency button! The train is coming and you were gonna get hit by it or something and you’re like, dude, we need the $1 because the envelop cost 20cent each ok?

Shut you off did many bloggers, finally you grabbed the attention again by saying this thing is worse than a douchebag because deals take few months to seal and that form of describing a problem is like a frigtard asking for bashes on his forehead.

So suddenly Nuffnang spiral downards you go, yeah, see, bloggers, we are trying to create a community for you at the expense of a 8K job, are you’re trying to fix me? So there you go, the clue was in the 8K, dopey the genius meant ride 8k for a year.

Preare your termination paperwork and ambulance number for the closure of Nuffnang. Oh and they love starbucks, beautiful coffeehouse which they were really excited about inspite of an office rented for a few K a month. So far, everyone knows how they’d fare. Friggin screaming bloggers cried foul for felt like cheated by the fraud which says you earn on 20-click-per-day-on-your-blog, but of course never gonna to happen at all. Peace out.

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