Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nuffnang Cracking Now

Nuffnang says they’re glad and amazed at its ability to pay out at $50. Right, and tobacco companies want you to stop smoking. People, figure it out. Nuffnang are not trying to walk its talk okay? Think it for two more seconds. Who does it benefits? Have you not noticed how Nuffnang is trying to build all these hypes around their fanciful events with celebrity bloggers while the tail end is not getting any bit of the pie?

Why do they work so hard at spending lavishly with celebrities while not walking the talk of showing adverts on blogs even if it only has 20 unique visits a day? Thousands of blogs are locked up with that blue logo doing nothing but taking up spaces, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, what’s preventing them from giving you adverts to make some money? Fair to them, they might not have enough advertisements, but no! Timothy disagrees with that for his reply in one of the blogs that we-have-more-than-enough-advertisement. Awesome! Nike? F&N? Inevitable case of KIDS syndrome.

You mean you have a bunch of advertisers and they could crank your entire complex list of bloggers? Have you got your algorithm correct? Meanwhile, he said “The fact that a significant number of bloggers cash out immediately after the campaign ends means that we are paying out even before being paid!”. My oh my, why do you think you need to be hired before you are allow to hire? I mean you haven’t make enough to buy a chair and now you’re practicing slamming chairs with your bloggers? It was no use cooking up some credit terms with consumer. Squirrels need to hid their food and they know it’s a fair game.

Under the guidance of some managers of course then you can learn the meaning of credit term and you are not special in any ways, you had failed to distract everyone with your choirboy shoutings. You think twits give interviews for fun? Yeah Legos right? You’ve been too busy learning and fighting over petty issues with Ming that you forgot to wear a helmet to when facing consumer that’s why. I bet you didn’t figure this out at the beginning, but you’ve a long way to go and it is not amazing.

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