Thursday, November 8, 2007

Eighth Quintessential Question

The Iron Law of Typification

There are several theoretical questions that need to be answered at this juncture. I will narrow this to the context of Community. I am always perplexed by what we mean when we say “the Community”? Many of us interpret it differently. And I am not interested how dictionary defines “the Community”. I am deliberately delving into this definition because it is left elusive, often by communal themselves, so that we do not understand the boundary when we must, but certainly feel its impact when it pushes.

The community in this context is almost everything Nuffnang. Yet when the community desires, it is deliberately absent in some. Can you feel it?

I do not know. Many have compared Nuffnang with Advertlets lately, and some have concluded for any of us to doubt the integrity of Nuffnang is tantamount to “ungratefulness”. What then is the relationship between Community and Nuffnang for that gratefulness to exist? Does bloggers not help them to help list their advertisements or their logo? Have bloggers not be loyal follower? Did they not help them to serve and make a lot of money?

Some have ventured the notion that by the will of 2 great men, we have a local network of advertisers and hence we must be grateful. Have we not? Have we not let supported Nuffnang since the beginning of their launch? Have we not given them whatever they expected except a few? What more must bloggers do to show we’re loyal? We have even allowed them dictate how much we make regardless of our traffic figure. Is our silence what they want? Can we possibly give it to them? I do not think so.

Many have even ventured the notion that if you are not happy with the company, you should leave? What is it about Nuffnang that is so gigantic that it somehow ensures a need to conform so strong that we need to break the loyalty (since the beginning) merely to be aligned to it?

Has Nuffnang now become unquestionable? If ever we question, we must question “responsibly”? Who defines what is responsible? Is Nuffnang, whom we are criticizing to determine what is responsible? Or is it the consensus? Or is it the law? If indeed we are driven by the premise that it is possible to have Nuffnang judging the process that is judging it, is this premise fundamentally faulty?

We have a local advertising medium indeed because of 2 young man, that is precisely the same ingredient that is fuelling this massive confusion? If indeed the 2 man that created Nuffnang, does he not know the sentiments of local bloggers? Can we therefore conclude that they were merely a devoted pragmatist bound by the business of accumulation empiricism and no more?

When Nuffnang decided to adopt the precept Community for their campaign, they detailed the kind of local relationship, managing an efficient network followed by apathetic grateful populace. Now can anyone guess what Nuffnang had provided for the same populace? Guess who followed Nuffnang’s catchphrase right to the letters? Calculations of traffic earning are suspicious, waiting for advertisements was bad enough, with the scandal of implementing $1, and you are left without a shred of doubt!

I do not believe Nuffnang is of that mercantile character. I hear the amount of Get Rich Schemes found online were not enough for some. I believe the time for gratitude is over. Nuffnang is now on even keel with its community. Any future community compact or contract is no longer unilateral.

If owners of Nuffnang are reading this, let me remind them when Ming wrote an entry on this community, he assumed several things and one of the most critical assumption is the limitation and passivity of a Community and thus the dependency of populace. That assumption is now void: courtesy of several decisions, as seen in the events recently around several blogs, even some where attracts little traffic. It is a matter of time when everything will unfold. Just stay with me. What is the spreading rate of information in blogs? It is a very simple calculation.

The eight quintessential question for your representative: Does Nuffnang really think that the community will take the amendment of their TOS quietly, knowing what they know and feeling what they feel?

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