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End of Nuffnang

End of Nuffnang

By ED on Oct 31, 2007 in Blogosphere, Reviews

As some of you would have noticed by now, the free advertising for Nuffnang has ceased from today. Despite all the hype built around Nuffnang, I must have appeared silly to do so.

As some bloggers came to know about me, I do not blog for money. Therefore, putting up these advertisements served only two purposes. The first is to create breakage between lines and lines of words, for cosmetical reasons. The second, is to have a go at these advertisements and see how truthful are the hype behind each of them. We will never know, until we try it right?

After talking to a few fellow bloggers, I began to realise that I am not the only one who was contemplating with this thought and also not the only one putting this thought into realistic action. Removal of Nuffnang that is. Of course, everyone of us have our own reasons for doing so. However, some of the reasons seemed to be a common one among all those whom have removed Nuffnang’s logo from their intended advertising place.

1. Waiting time
The waiting time is simply not worth the wait. Although Nuffnang carries a slogan of Asia’s First Blog Advertising Community, the experience I have had is far from that. Of all the advertising affiliates I have used as you can see in my blog, Nuffnang is the ONLY ONE in my blog with such a long waiting time without any deliverance of advertisements. Any other advertising affiliates do not come with the hype Nuffnang has enjoyed, but they surpassed Nuffnang in one simple area. Immediate deliverance of advertisements!

Never mind if Adsense displays irrelevant advertisements time and again, never mind if Amazon widget looks nice without anyone actually purchasing a book, never mind if Advertlets is reportedly slow in chalking up income. The point is, they delivered the advertisements! What’s an online advertising affiliate - without the advertisements!?

Even if someone says I am eating the sour grapes because I get no advertisements, bloggers whom have recently been paid also agreed that it takes some time for advertisements to appear.

2. Minimum traffic required
The minimum traffic indicated in Nuffnang’s signup page is 20 unique visits. I ought to be very thankful and touched by their kind gesture to allow my blog with very humble traffic rate to sign up, but truthfully I am not. This requirement is like a white elephant sitting there, with no realistic indication of how that will help advertisers and publishers.

Does Adsense require a minimum traffic to your site? The answer is obvious. Does Advertlets ask for a minimum amount of traffic to your site? The Advertlets advertisements flashing in my blog tells you the answer. Therefore, Nuffnang can set it at 20 unique visitors, 50 unique visitors or even 100 unique visitors it will not make alot of difference. It’s only a matter of how many people will be able to sign up, and the amount of people signing up does not equate to the same amount of bloggers who will be publishing advertisements. The minimum requirement also does not automatically mean you will be “pushed” for advertisements.

3. Numerical beauty
Asia’s advertising affiliates seems to be caught up with the obsession behind the numerical game of signups. In Nuffnang’s blog, it was reported that the Singapore community has breached the 4,000 membership mark. Impressive aye!?

One question remains, how many of these 4,000 members are actively serving advertisements? For Adsense & Advertlets advertisements, I see them everywhere! If I am an advertiser, I think I will worry about the kind of exposure I can get from Nuffnang compared to other advertising affiliates. If you have 4,000 memberships and all 4,000 memberships are active with advertisements then I will say that is something very impressive indeed.

The first Nike Advertisement campaign had only 13 blogs selected reportedly. Now go figure.

4. Recommendation of blogs
If you bothered to look into the Advertiser signup page, you would have realised the last step in their process is recommending a list of blogs for advertisers to choose from. That’s meaning to say, if your blog is not among those recommended you are plain wasting your time.

Of course, certain requirements goes into such a list. It can be anything from your site’s traffic to contents of your blog. One reason why you failed to see advertisements on your blog could be due to advertiser’s selection. You may not be the kind of blog advertisers want if you are writing about sex or celebrities caught nude all the time. The other reason is, you are not even recommended in the first place. Hence, you can display the Nuffnang logo (Reminder: publicity for FREE~! for as long as you don’t see advertisement) for three months and you can still get no advertisements.

Of course, what is truthfully going on behind the scene, we will never know. I bet they will get cursed and swore at if they showed anything that says zero recommendation done for any blogs registered to their advertising platform.

Meanwhile, I will let Advertlets and Adsense fill up the slots with immediate (or almost) advertisements served. Adsense took about 4 days before the advertisements appeared and it is gradually stabilizing with more relevant advertisements. Advertlets on the other hand, is looking pretty with their advertisements. The advertisements are more relevant to our countries unlike Adsense, and again it is the deliverance. I am definitely keeping Advertlets because the advertisements look so pretty instead of looking at an unpaid logo. Don’t you feel the same?

No amount of media coverage or publicity can cover up for the lack of deliverance, in my blog at least. If any more friends (especially those with unique visits lesser than mine) ask me about Nuffnang, two words - FORGET IT!


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