Sunday, November 4, 2007

Smart Ming? Uh, right.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Nuffnang. But at the moment I knew Nuffnang are truly doomed when they announced they haven’t the experience and wouldn’t wanna be employed for $8K a month but want to be in charge of something. Hello, Ming and Timothy? Have you looked at your credentials?

You do realize you haven’t got any skills in managing and directing corporation right? Now you’ve got bloggers kicking you, critics dragging you and you are screaming into faces about needing to suck $1 for sake of operation cost which existed since day one? I mean, Nuffnang was gonna be a cool product but you do realize besides that, you need to have the skill to manage people and people who had spent 10, 20 years in the business aren’t having fake experience right?

You just know what I’m talking about coz you just made a bloated horrible piece of decision on the $1. I mean man, you get people started, what were you trying to do? All frig knows. You have people commenting on your PR skills and decision and that’s good feedback for you, you are nothing without bloggers so offending bloggers basically would frigged you up to 5 years plus bad sex for 10. Nuffnang, you need someone more evil in charge. I’m pretty sure you are going to offend heaps lot more with “unpopular decisions”. Like you don’t really care if you put a bullet in bloggers head, but god bless you, hope you won’t regret.

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