Friday, November 2, 2007

Enuffnang from me

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My first advertisement with had ended (on 9th June) but I am yet to see the earnings for this campaign. If you are new to Nuffnang, it’s a publisher program for Malaysian and Singaporean bloggers to earn money.

''During the campaign, my blog became slow again. I had reported to Nuffnang about this earlier, but didn’t get a response, not even an auto-response. So I am not sure if they are working on it now. Thanks to Steve for letting me know about this, he was kind enough to test it and make sure that it was Nuffnang script that was making the blog slow.

Until this loading problem is solved, I have decided to remove the script.

I think Nuffnang should concentrate more on the system improvement and bloggers’ suggestions than organizing public events (another one coming up soon). Good PR can get you so far, but if the system is not functioning as expected, even worse if it is running with known problems (loading time, firefox problems). Then it will be a matter of time bloggers stop using the program completely.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against organizing public events or marketing. It’s just that, you have to walk the talk. And I think, Nuffnang has to make a lot of walking now (or even running ;) when it comes to system performance and customer support. Because the talking part is already done. Also they are not in the monopoly market, to be able to afford to ignore system performance problems. There is a strong competitor for Nuffnang.

I hope if they read this post, they will take it as a constructive criticism and will come up with the system improvements soon.

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