Friday, November 2, 2007

Nuffnang Bugs

Nuffnang Bug #1
The first bug I’ve found on Nuffnang is the login. Whenever I’m on the main page and I click the login button. The floating panel comes up and requests for the email and password. The bug here is after entering the details rather than logging me in right away, I’m redirected to the page where it says:

Your session has expired. Please login again.

And I’ve found the Nuffnang culprit. If you were to try logging in with only the website address without the www prefix (, then you’ll get the bug. If you typed in the full address, you’re okay. There is 1 way to fix this and that’s to make the website default to the address with the www prefix.

Nuffnang Bug #2
Next bug has something to do with the dashboard. I’ve really no idea why this is happening on Mozilla only. The ‘Add ads’ button disappeared. It pulls a Houdini on me every time I log in to the dashboard using Mozille Firefox.

Nuffnang Bug #3
The last bug I’d like to share isn’t really a bug but a good proof in concept why web standards helps improve website usability. When a lengthy website address is noted in the ‘Came From’ area, it stretches the table causing the layout to break. Development in CSS could’ve actually prevented this from happening.

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