Saturday, November 3, 2007

Inexperienced Revisited

I mentioned in my previous post that they tried to steal LEGALLY $1 from their bloggers. Why? This started right from the beginning, I guess when you went into a business with no prior experience, and then it spells trouble. How do they feel when receiving calls from advertisers? I mean surely they must have felt heaven. But feeling for seconds heaven is not equate to knowing the road to wealth. In the corporate world, one needs to have the gumption to notice options and then keep trying. You gotta hand something to the man who is working under you and persist that little frigger to produce more and more.

So finally, they realized, what the hell, lets frig with these guys, So they bring them out for lunches, and make a big deal out of the impression they had to give these people they hire. Just to make it look real. But secretly the bank book has to tally, payroll and the business don’t just stay there, it is a zero sum game. Performance don’t stay, motivate or whatever you wanna call it, must keep threaten their current form and you find out how they are doing and then sat them down and, talk to them and use your position as a lever from time to time put their direction and performance on right track tangled up with rewards, never too complicated, whatever. So they have the ability, sure, but gladly see how they seal all vital task and all of its code, sure, so when they decide to give you a ninja bomb, you are as clueless as the toilet cleaning dude in about how to figure what’s going wrong with their stupid door. That’s how it supposes to work; you gotta break some eggs to make an omelet or something. Brilliant!

Few months ago, they decided not to announce to bloggers about the increases – and believe me, we’re talking about money and they decided to roll over the policy before bloggers got that piece of crap news. Forget your idea and abilities, I mean you could got it right in thinking, but if your implementing isn’t as solid as friggin rock, the idea can be conceived by the most handsome dude and all patented with a bow on it, you are just one of the thousands slaving away trying to make a knock off in the internet world and feel so wasted, Why? Even opening one button after another on your shirt needs practice! If you haven’t friggin get it, I mean the dollars don’t just work themselves out because you had the idea. My friend, behind that idea is not just sitting there, rocking on your chair, chewing gum while someone is coding your idea unless you are prepared to cry. Because it was clear you didn’t know how frigged the whole thing would be. The business won’t run and I swear it won’t be a case of higher heels or minier-skirts, I feel sorry for you not having experience. Almost.

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