Saturday, November 3, 2007

It's Knocking Now

How confidential you try to keep it, do not work, for the way you screwed everyone had simply been projected right up to top of the mountain. You’ve been secretly working hard at trying to steal away money LEGALLY from bloggers for past few months. So what does blogger owes you? Nothing. Anyhow their blog continues to serve the internet with or without Nuffnang even with or without After you put out your lame financials predicament which did not beat the beggar on the street only because you had family members who knows how badly you suck at running Nuffnang. The whole Nuffnang system is getting there. People had warned you the very minute you said you were not going to work for someone. Getting hammered now from everyone is your fault for screwing your position. Apparently you know what? If you think Nuffnang is bad now, let me say it can get worse, and are gonna look like downhill from Singapore right down to Beirut. Morons can get that far!

So here’s the gig. How do you feel if some investment companies come knocking on doors? They’d tell you, this thing ain’t working out, be honest about it, you can sit in our office and chew gums too. No! You doesn’t need more this than this, so you are thinking about working for someone is shit, I can go retire tomorrow and sit on your ass for 50 years counting your money if Nuffnang works, blah blah. Basically you are about to get canned for such idea and you know it.

You thought Papa would step in whenever you face problems but its obvious now that you can’t run away from the problem of inadequate skills in handling difficult situations. You’re a nice guy and all but you’re as nutty as a doofball to know about solving problems. You think Sadddam Hussein and you think he rule through fear and only fear? Dude, you are going to be doing multiple jobs as a boss and if you haven’t noticed, I think your valuation of yourself sucks not because you haven’t got the potential but hey, have you heard of someone calling himself a lawyer before he got his law degree? I heard that even after he got his degree, his learning starts while on the job.

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