Saturday, November 3, 2007

Their Ideas Don't Click

So Timothy and Ming were discussing furiously. Apparently there seems to be this totally huge war like raging entire Nuffnang Malaysia and Nuffnang Singapore right now, but of course the media isn’t covering it because they rather report on Manchester United almost snatching a winner off Arsenal tonight.

But it’s totally bad and Timothy says he’s got this idea of Nuffnang in both countries working together but alas Ming has come out to say the Nuff Sing and Nuff Mud are separate business therefore the difference in charges when they out the cheques. Bloggers were like, huh, dude, and don’t start tossing out that kind of theory just because you think I didn’t go to university. That is pretty funky more than professional to say the least. I mean you look at the professionalism of Paypal, Google. They offer express cheque outs at one international currency and at charges that applies to anybody. No discrimination of sort. Transparency. No grounds for fraud and exploitations. Someone must be handling this inside the office because surely you can’t imagine like you’re talking to fishes and because they couldn’t reply therefore you need not explain why you are a superheroes because you put them in tanks? Talking fishes? They got kinda sniffy because they did not had the experience to start with.

I’m talking about serious experience. Not like tossing salads because that’s what every French knows. Are you kidding? You mean those Nuffnang creators didn’t had appropriate and relevant experience? I mean, Hello! Is this really for fun? This guy who created Nuffnang didn’t know how to manage people, manage clients, manage customers, run office, and lead a team and doing a business? If that’s the case, why not try go work someone and gain some relevant experience in a whole corporation environment, or or Or Thing about Timothy and Ming is that they are really cool guy and very brilliant and everything, but tends to think they are ready before they are. Ability wise, it is a huge asset but without experience is like car without tyres. Anyone who doesn’t agree with that must be blinded and your eyesight must be lesser than 10% effective. Dude, maybe Timothy should go to a film school you know why? Because so he could learn how to act in Nuffnang right? I mean he acted quite well in his weblog like invented some friggin nerd, okay? Have you read it? So you must go read but instead of just read, try to treat it like a love story, where everything is written to fit into the audience like some dudes in theater, not just any dudes.

Now they are trying to cross-promote Nuff Sing and Nuff Mud and tie in with several events to make a joint theme wrapper. Ming sits there not talking sense like how can he find all excuses in the world to suck $1? A small man in a big theatrical scene. Dude, you’re the one who decided on many things like sponsored events and creating this business call Nuffnang, remember? So, like, good luck with your adventure if you profit, you deserve it but if you lost, its on your account.

There is some big news about you trying to break away from your responsibility and telling folks you haven’t the money to pay bills but your latest problem is just another huge bite out of the beast of entrepreneurship. Your problems will go up and it’s gonna test your nerve massively. It appears that the truth about experience lacking is kicking in now. Right into your butt. Think about a beer or something on this wonderful Saturday night. You wouldn’t believe how fast things are moving now. Watch out as I bet you to hit a big one very soon, no lie. Watch out, Nuffnang! I’m watching you!

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