Friday, November 2, 2007

Open Letter To Ming Shen

Your entry dated 10/09/2007 12:49:00 PM post on Here is disgraceful.

Your handling of the issue of the $1 is so tasteless that i can't see how you can survive in Nuffnang for long.

You take the example of the community program, which was sponsored willingly by Nuffnang and CRIED COSTLY now? No bloggers or advertisers requested Nuffnang to hold the events. It was with goodwill and of course commercial benefits that the event was staged. The game is fair yeah, you decide what you want to do with Nuffnang and you profit or you lost, you stand by your decision , good or bad.

From your letters, you drift into saying you are not being paid a cent and you sounded rather surprised, this is a business for goodness sake, and stop comparing yourself to those taking comfy jobs in banks or anywhere because you DECIDED on this route and nobody put a gun to your head to create Nuffnang. Disgraceful is all i can think.

And now it becomes bloggers fault for you needed family to support your mobile phone bill, and needing to siphon $1 ringgit each from bloggers to pay your phone bill is that watcha meant? Disgraceful is all i think of you Ming shen.

You are trying to build a business, there would be risk and stop whinning and telling how tough it is because you are always free to walk out of Nuffnang if you find it economically not viable.

If you make a mistake, admit it, move on yeah? Stop finding excuses, telling us your about your unpaid mobile bills, the difficulty in holding events and so on.

These are all your decisions, and if you fail, it is you and your only fault. If you are not good enough, admit it yeah? You're a man, do what a man should do.

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