Friday, November 2, 2007

Dudes, You Lacked Experience.

So every once in a while, if you smoked too much or drank a bit too much, it is the fault of your mother? You must be feeling kind of malicious; I mean you go crank your bloggers just because you couldn’t think with your head?

You go call Timothy and ask yourself this question, did experience of did not experience was the difference in the issue of increasing the $1? You mean if you put someone who had never being employed in his whole life and pretend he had this bag of experience to chair a meeting and to pick up battered soul at work? You should be bloodie shock to believe you guys are good enough to manage people and to lead a team and to become boss of a company. “Ouch ouch!” Bzzzzzt! Hey! I told you so didn’t I? G-g-g-gg-g.aaarrghhhhh!

Try calling yourself this evening right after dinner. Baked yourself up with whatever problems you are facing. Ask everyone in the office. “Dude, I know we are lacking in experience here, I mean we are so lousy, we haven’t even worked a single day before this bloodie Nuffnang was created, I can’t do this job, I’m burning out, blah blah, so we are really needing you, to do your best and give us lesser problems, I’m begging you, please, don’t come and talk to me about whatever problems you have, please!”

The poor idiot hasn’t had a real job before Nuffnang and now they are trying to bring Nuffnang to be on par with Oi! You gotta be joking. You mean if they dressed their portal up as in snazzy suit like does and they would be jizzing all over the net just like that? You mean Steve Jobs and Bill Gates created their business with a flick of a button ONLY?

I have never heard of you and Ming before Nuffnang. I do not recognize your name and I do not wish to say I heard of Lengmou or whatever hamstertuition. And I was not living in Africa. All the while I’m up on the net with all popular blogs and laughing my asses off even without knowing the 2 of you. Ha! You been punked by yourself! Stomp out if you wish, sell your beemer if you can’t afford the parking. Stare into your car for a good time because they could be going for a good price to pay your programmers who continue to operate to allow you to suck $1 ringgit for every cheque out. Priceless $1 ringgit.

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