I'm registered for both Nuffnang and Advertlets about months ago. Actually, I discovered about Nuffnang first since it's been quite a lot of exposure from the blogosphere. Based on my experiences, the Chinese community give more influences to Nuffnang Ads compare to Advertlets. While, Malay community keep control on the popularity of Advertlets.

Last week, I drop this Nuffnang ads because I didn't get any advertisement from them. Before that, I emailed them according to my problem. Here the email's detail:

After more than one week I embedded the nuffnang code in my
blog, which is at http://www.hafreze.com, the advertisement still
didn't appear. I'm still wondering why some bloggers also had the same
problem as me. Nevertheless, since nuffnang already abolished the
minimum traffic requirement, so the ads will appeared,

For your information, I'm putting the Large Rectangle
(336X280) under my post. I hope that Nuffnang will take my complaint
seriously. thank you

Here is what Nuffnang had replied to me:
Hi Hafriz,

Basically, you have to achieve the minimum
amount of 20 unique visitors to your blog and maintain that minimum
number of visitors. After then, you can sit back and relax while our
advertisers select the blogs on which to run their ad campaigns on.
Should you be selected, you will be notified by email based on the
type and the duration of the ad campaign.

When the ad campaign
is run, your default Nuffnang ad will be changed to the advertiser's
advertisement for the duration in which has been stated in the email
that you have received. You will then begin collecting earnings based
on the type of campaign which is either the unique number of visitors
to your page (Bands) or the clicks on your ads (CPC).

You will
only know of the type of ad campaign after it ends and is updated in
your earnings. This is in order to prevent click fraud as CPC pays
much higher than band visits. The amount of earnings along with its
rates will also remain confidential until it is released in your
earnings. However, you may opt to display the default CPC based ads on
your Nuffnang account in your "Add Ads" page while you are
not running any ad campaigns.

We hope that this information
should be helpful for you. Do feel free to drop us another email
should you require further assistance on this matter.

Have a
nice day.

Lance Tan
Customer Service
Correspondent & Web Developer
Nuffnang Sdn Bhd

Apparently, my daily viewers were around 100-250 per day. Yet, although the figures does not really much compare to other, but it still above 20 unique visitors per day, and it keeps increasing!! But I give it a chance, I let the Nuffnang ads for more few days, and it seems 2 days after the email was replied, there's no any change. Therefore, I decided to drop Nuffnang, Sorry!

My two cents,
Boss Stewie arr..give us some ads that clickable lor..otherwise, how come we can earn money? By the way, the public service ads from Nuffnang sometimes annoying my eyes. Why do they use the low resolution images for the ads? Are you agree with me?