Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thirteenth Quintessential Assertion

I will dedicate several entries to discussing certain actions by the owner of Nuffnang.

One very important existential question: Why do we see advertisements of Nuffnang hanging on the owner’s personal blog? Why are they allowing themselves to take advantage of the entity created for the community? Why are they competing with bloggers for advertisements? Is Nuffnang a bona fide existence? These questions are very substantial that need to be thought out thoroughly.

All the benefits of Nuffnang are also applicable to the owners and employee of Nuffnang? Are there any conflict of interest? Will they create something for themselves to take advantage of it?

This is not a Nuffnang’s problem; eventhough they created Nuffnang. Are the owners and employee of Nuffnang not also taking advantage of the already insufficient adverts meant for bloggers? This is a fact! They created this entity for community and then they go home and take advantage of this thing they created in order to profit from the same thing they created. For most of the bloggers, they are already not seeing advertisements on their blog. The fact that the owners themselves are augmenting their income by putting the advertisements on their own blog instead of giving it to you. Are there any moral high ground? Should there be a prohibition? Being in control of the business and skimming money off it the way it was for used by the community, can they not violate any rules they had written for bloggers, literally?

To put it simply, they had become your direct competitor! Simply put, for those whose blogs are in need of that little more traffic to receive advertisements, you are not getting any not because you do not have enough traffic but because the owner’s blog is in front of yours! To put it to ground level, they had designed the game and they are playing it themselves!

We want the system to be transparent, like any commercial system in the world! Like the way it did for sports betting! Consumer wants to know the system are not exploited and taken advantage of unfairly by the company(people who write the rules)! They want the game play fairly not having the people who write the rules playing it too!

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If Nuffnang is so dull, which I do not think so, let me put it simpler, blogger want advertisements. They want the advertisements that your blog is generating money for you! There is no ground for you to play the game yourself! The mother of all earnings is advertisements! The fact you are earning from it means you are preventing bloggers from earning from something you created for them!

We do not want you the owners to be involved with the game! We want the game to be fairly played by people outside of Nuffnang! With advertisements allocated to nobody related to Nuffnang except the community! Our blog may not have enough traffic to serve but is inconsequential to this, because we want the game to be play fairly! We do not want you trying to eat the cake you baked for community; we want it to be distributed according to the rules you written and have play no part in the game!

You the owner of Nuffnang are not like anybody in community! If you can take part in your own invention and make money out of it, then is it not the same as playing goalkeeping in a football match and betting your own team to lose? Which means that you could influence certain things to your advantage and your earnings would be seen as dubious in any circumstances.  

Another vast mistake by Nuffnang, while bloggers are being sold the system, they the owners participate themselves in it against the ground of transparency and be seen benefiting at the expenses of the community!

The thirteenth quintessential assertion:
From the invention that they created, they are benefiting from it unfairly. We do not want them able to write rules to favor themselves! We want the rules to be written for community and not applicable to themselves!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can tell us where did you get the above earning report to give your entry more credit.

I don't think Nuffnang would release such reports to the public. So how did you get hold of it?

H said...

Sorry Sir, here is the source

Someone had bring it to the public's attention in my shoutbox.

H said...

The essay do not require the authenticity of the document to support its claim. Simply visit the owners blog to look at the amount of advertisements they have pasted all over their blog.

Argumentum ad ignorantiam
The argument from ignorance, also known as argumentum ad ignorantiam ("appeal to ignorance" [1]) or argument by lack of imagination, is a logical fallacy in which it is claimed that a premise is true only because it has not been proven false or that a premise is false only because it has not been proven true.

The argument from personal incredulity, also known as argument from personal belief or argument from personal conviction, refers to an assertion that because one personally finds a premise unlikely or unbelievable, the premise can be assumed not to be true, or alternately that another preferred but unproven premise is true instead.

Both arguments commonly share this structure: a person regards the lack of evidence for one view as constituting evidence or proof that another view is true. The types of fallacies discussed in this article should not be confused with the reductio ad absurdum method of argument, in which a valid logical contradiction of the form "A and not A" is used to disprove a premise.

Anonymous said...

They are liable to some influence. Susceptible to dubious internal handling. A time bomb.

Anonymous said...

It is like letting your limo driver get just a little drunk or allowing your daughter to get just a little pregnant. It's a horrible freakin' idea. Boycott them!

Anonymous said...

saw the link, you should publish the rest the images osso not just tim also his fren i think getting unfair high rate

Ahboi said...

Isn't firdaus one of their programmer? How can the programmer themself take part in the advertisement? Are they not in the position to influence anything in the background to their advantage? Nuffnang, i hope you have a good answer to this.

Anonymous said...

Yes who are there to audit their own account? They can cheat!


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