Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nuffnang Is Making You Independent Of Them

Have you ever felt that you are alone even when Nuffnang offers you an opportunity to make money on your blog? Have they sincerely made you think that you are making money with them? For some, it is truly even worse, they had not been allocated any advertisements from Nuffnang and that was nothing to do with Nuffnang because they said you do not have enough traffics! See how they had awfully deviated from the line they sold u in the first place?

There are indeed going to be more difficulties down the road and making money from Nuffnang will be almost non existent. Indeed, no one can tell you what you can do in your blog but they are nonetheless going to tell you that now if you decide to join a new toy called Glitterati which of course is a device to make the common Nuffnanger even lesser important in their business.

You were told to get the traffic. Now they do not want you do have only traffic. You are now encouraged to be independent of other advertisers. We must and we will, in fact we already are - Independent of Nuffnang instead.

Let us now make Nuffnang independent, they must because they are now too reliant on the celebrities that they do not see the need to be reliant on the common people that is you, isn’t it?

They have decided to be paid even more by drafting rules that made sure your money are held twice as long as agreed in the beginning, and movie screenings are now going to be thrown at celebrities instead of you. And some of the toys they created for use by community has come into this package. You are no longer allow to use innit – Damn who wanted to use it anyway? What they had done are beyond which they need no dependence nor worries about the common bloggers heavenly weight anymore. They have decided your shoulders are not big enough to carry their dreams.

They have decided to disallow and organized concerted propaganda against all common bloggers that challenges their estate of providing : which is the source of their wealth and pristine shoulder form!

They are truly the lack of a better word, decides to be independent of you the people who made them possible.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Sheep Skin of Nuffnang - Are they honest?

Everyday I see the amount of bloggers put into illusion by Nuffnang for the purpose of their own collective coffer to emulate successful Dot commer they so desire. Right now with the huge amount of blogs hanging the blue Nuffnang logo for nothing, owners of Nuffnang can use the figure of 13,000 to mislead advertisers into thinking they had a huge network of publishers reading to hang advertisements. In actual fact, how much of this blog is equated with the potential to attract an advertisement? Nuffnang is synonymous with the term SCAM. The number of publishers signed up with them has no meaning to how big is the network because a big portion of those network has no chance of attracting an advertisement and destined to hang a blue logo for life. That figure is not a correct unit to represent their advertising capability. The community they speak of are the community that is hanging a blue logo for the sake of advertising Nuffnang.

This huge community from a company who recruit blogs on the pretence of allowing them to make money with a blog which could attract 20 visitors does not have any idea how to fulfill that promise to you.

Where does all these bullshit come from?

From the two faced Timothy Tiah and Ming Shen.

On one hand they impose some sort of requirements to appear legitimate and a community dot commer. Giving us nothing more than a blue logo is no good. Imposing all sort requirements and trying to con you into signing up to provide free advertisement for them and at the same time, you signing up would help to increase their figure and then they will SHOUT that figure into the advertiser’s ear and then only blogs with high traffic gets the advertisements, is that any good to you?

On the other hand they flaunt their advertisers to publishers and tell them “we do not have lack of advertisers, but you have not enough traffic!” Do we need them to tell us we do not have enough traffic? Why did they attract us here with the requirement if they know our traffic is insufficient in the first place? Had they been honest? Is it all for the gain of Nuffnang only? NOT THE COMMUNITY? How do I know that! When the promises are called to be deliver, nothing is being mentioned, no public statement, no press released, a simple lack of respect for us? They want us to hang out their blue logo but are refuses to deliver the promises they made in the first place? Not even prepare to stand by their very word?

Something is very wrong here!

A true Scammer disguised in the sheep skin of community dot commer?

Have they being honest? Let me use a few more examples to explain the calm reason of checking this company.

Have you got an advertisement for your blog? Have you made no more than $2 for a week? Do you know how much advertisers are paying them to put advertisements on your blog? Essentially 4 or 5 figures per advertisement. If they were to let a blog make $2 a week and if they were to put it on 50 blogs, that is equating to $100 right? How much are they making? Have they been honest?

They had come a system whereby the public wouldn’t know whether an advertisement on your blog is earned through clicks or impressions. Now this is seriously a very con method of paying you. Because it means that you have no way to know how much you are supposed to make. You couldn’t install any software because it is up to them to tell you which one is click and which one is not. Now that is seriously a perpetuating cycle of scam growing ad infinitum. They can unilaterally decide how to cut your earnings and grow their earnings. This method of calculating your earnings, not enough for me to call it dubious but enough for me to think it.

This community to Nuffnang is both a boon and a bane. It serves them well by giving them the complete power to determine their own earnings and also the resources to be dubious to you. Likewise that sense of scamming will make them feel infinitely strong, a state that will start the process of the fall.

They will fall soon enough.

Have you believe yet? Do you think Nuffnang is able to check itself? Prevent it from making dubious earnings that could have belong to you? Their honesty has a lack of substance.

Let me give you another example. Do you know that the Nuffnang owners are also putting advertisements unto their own blogs? Do you know how much they earn? If I tell you they are among the top earners in the chart, will you believe? Do you also know that they do not need password to access their account? Do you know the traffic in their blog? They are left to monitor their own earnings from advertisers; do you think there is something wrong with this? You want proof?Here

Now do you believe yet? Do you think this is a school project where you can cheat to get higher marks? This is not! Their deeds so far had been analyzed in this blog and feel free to read through them and understand the mind of these 2 owners. Start from Here

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