Friday, November 9, 2007

Ninth Quintessential Question

Operation mutation in lieu of $1 charge

Nuffnang in their eagerness to arbitrage on its bloggers, they failed to ask fundamental question of why it should not be done.

Their recklessness is visible.

They later came out with possible exclusion list of operational cost of more bloggers cashing out which is unlikely not to be included in the original business plan.

Can the list be reasonably extended to be used as an excuse as and when they want to charge you more? Do they have any plan to lower the withdrawal amount to $25? Since they already assured themselves an invention is found to profit from withdrawals, and lowered it to $50, will they not cease the idea of further profiteering? How about to even $10, so they could theoretically make $1 out of every $10. The depth can be extended ad inifinitum if not checked.

What I want to raise here is a very simple fallacy of arbitraging something by capitalizing, you simply cannot, what is apparently capitalizing does not become benefaction because you chant it long enough. Many fell to Get Rich Schemes for the same reason. In a Community setup, when you have enough reason not to arbitrage, for those who did, it simply spell dishonest. The process of desensitivisation will perpetuate like a chain reaction down the community.

What are the possible consequence? Exploding reactions from people from sufficient disregards to people who are wise and clever enough to know they qualify for another advertising campaign. When it is time for them to make other considerations, those who are not treated right, will voluntarily terminate their services, so whatever that are left would be only the celebrity bloggers, can the situation not possibly get worse from here?

I believe the implementation of the $1 will be the last straw that will once and for all change the community dynamics of the commercial, for the worse. I do not know whether Nuffnang see this coming, but some had already foreseen the costs. How can they actually not predict the whole commercial fabric being torn to shred?

The ninth quintessential question for your representative: Have Nuffnang understood the possible community abnormalities and costs due to the implementation of $1 fees to it’s loyal bloggers?

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Nuffnang Supporter said...

I am disappointed that till date there is no official reply from nuffnang. I am leaving the stupid network as the only thing that is keeping others from doing so is because of the money that it neither meeting the minimum or too little to withdrawn.

Since nuffnang is not interested in clarifying despite such a outcry there is no point to support them at all. These guys are only interested to appear when the money is rolling but hide under the bed when problem arises. What jerks.

Now like many other supporters we are feeling so stupid to have been so supportive when it first started only to be leave high and dry with no clear and proper explanation. Sucks.

H said...

They have commented in public that they do not want to discuss about the issue because they do not want to split the blogosphere.

I find that amusing. Because i would assume they are taking the role of a management within the blogging community and as such, when issues arised within because of their very own Nuffnang, how could they not exercise the responsbility that come the role of managing the community?

Are they a responsible manager? In times of trouble, do they answers? Are they keeping mum because of guilt? Do they dare to send a representative and answer the public's concern? Do they even dare to hold press conference and assure the public of any doubt over their integrity?

Have they accepted everything's being said of them? Even if there were a slight untruth, are they even prepare to not to fight? Or there were so much truth that they haven't the courage to speak? Are they now showing the response of not innocent of any of those issues thats been raised? If indeed they were defamed, would they in the sanest of mind let all this pass by without a word of defend?

Some celebrity bloggers wanted to speak up for them but they refused any help. Why? What is the reason for refusing help? Are there anything we are missing out here? Everything will unfold even if everything is silence.


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